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Game Day Part 2

  • Of all the rules, the most important one is to call your hits. If you hear or feel a BB hit, no matter how soft or hard it may be, put your hand in the air and call the hit. Airsoft is a game of honor, and the more honest you play, the more honest people will play around you.
  • That being said, if you think you hit someone and they don’t call it, do not call them out or get angry. As much as we want to have the best aim in the world, BBs aren’t that aerodynamic and you most likely didn’t hit them. Calling this out will only make other people angry and can cause the game to spiral so if you are convinced you hit them and they’re not calling it, talk to a marshal and let them deal with it. There will always be one close by.
  • Now, don’t worry if you don’t get a lot of kills in your first few games. Airsoft is difficult when you start and there’s a lot to get used to. The best thing to do is learn how to use your gun and how to move with it. Building up this muscle memory will allow you to use it without thinking which means you can focus more on where the enemy is and where to go.
  • You’ll most likely hang back, but don’t be scared to go right up to the front lines. That’s where most of the fun is. Most teams win by pushing hard and forcing the enemy team back. If you do this, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can impact games.
  • You can also squad up and play with a team. Find someone who looks like they know what they’re doing and play with them. You’ll pick up a lot, from where they go to what they do.
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