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Start with an AEG – Why?

    • Now that you know where (and likely when) you’ll be hitting the airsoft field, it’s time to talk about the stuff you should take with you.
    • Have you seen the American Sniper movie? You know, where Chris Kyle takes down all the foes with his trusty sniper rifle? Yeah, in 99% of cases, that’s not gonna be you (or anyone starting out for that matter). When people start with airsoft, they are sometimes excited to try it out because of movies and video games. They want to play sniper rifles or go full John Wick with just a pistol. But let me tell you, this is the fastest way to turn your first airsoft experience into a bitter one-timer. These playstyles are much harder to pull off in a way that would satisfy you. However, if you wish to start differently despite our best recommendations, we have a brief video about alternative starter ways later on.
    • Regardless of whether you will rent, buy or borrow the gear for your first game, this is probably the strongest recommendation from our end: go with an AEG – an airsoft electric rifle like this Novritsch SSR4. They are widespread for a good reason. They give you all you need for the start: reliability, range and magazine capacity. Having a gun that doesn’t make it harder for your first game is something we cannot recommend enough. More on your options in the next video.
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