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Basic Rules

  • First let’s start with FPS, meaning Feet per second
    • This is a metric of speed or airsoft projectiles. All guns need to be under a certain FPS or Joule limit. Joule or Muzzle energy is basically the power the projectile carries with it when it leaves the barrel. You can calculate Joules if you know the FPS and the weight of the BBs and vice versa but we don’t want to go too technical in this video. Just know that these determine the power of your rifle or pistol and that they vary from country to country and sometimes even site to site, so check your site’s power limits before going and make sure your guns are within these limits. For this we highly recommend owning your own chronograph – the measuring device – so you can test your guns and make any changes needed before going to the site. If you don’t own one, there will certainly be a measuring station on the field itself. If you want to know more details on this topic, you can find a dedicated video in this academy.
  • MED which stands for Minimum Engagement Distance.
    • Your MED is the minimum distance you can shoot someone. This usually applies to snipers and DMRs (designated marksman rifles) whose power limits are higher than all other guns on the field. There is usually a minimum of around 10-25 meters for those cases. However, you can also stumble upon a MED rule for Full Auto above 10 or so meters. This means that if you’re on full auto and want to engage someone within 10m, you have to drop down to semi and then shoot or take out your pistol if you have a sniper rifle.
  • Hit Rules,
    • These are almost completely universal. If you’re hit, raise your hand in the air and call ‘HIT’ loudly so everyone can hear you. If you are in the middle of a firefight, then you can move to a side to get out of the way. If you’re hit again, wave your arm and call ‘HIT’ again. They may not be able to see if your arm is in the air. It’s also a good idea to have a reflex vest you can put on so that nobody shoots at you when you walk back to respawn.
  • Full auto in Buildings
    • A common thing to see banned on many fields is shooting Full Auto in Buildings. Even if this may vary from site to site, this is a reasonable rule. If you’re playing inside, you’re usually going to be pretty close, meaning you don’t need to put a load of rounds into someone to get the hit. Also, you don’t want to shower your friends with a bunch of BBs as that could get a bit uncomfortable for them.
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