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Medics in the Game

  • In some games, you will encounter medics. These players usually have a special band on their arms to indicate that they can heal other players. Apart from that, they participate in the game just like any other player. They can rush forward, shoot enemy players and get hit just like anyone else. The difference is, that they can heal others. This usually happens the following way: 
  • Player A gets hit. He calls the hit by shouting HIT and raising his hand. After that, he stays in the same spot where he got shot and starts requesting medic by shouting “medic” or similar. For a certain amount of time, usually 5-10 minutes, he can be revived by medics. This time period is known as the “bleed-out time”. 
  • If a friendly medic is around, he can come the hit player and revive him. Generally, there are 2 simple ways how this happens – he either puts a bandage on the player’s hand or he counts until 10-20 or more. After this, the “dead” player is back in the game and can continue to fight. 
  • These are just the basics of the Medic rule and it is very likely that in your case you will encounter additional requirements or rules such as “Medic cannot move wounded players” or “each player can be healed by a medic 2x per game and then he’s out”. Again, you’ll have to listen to the briefing to know all the details.
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