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Don’t Start with Sniper Rifle

    • If for whatever reason you decide that sniping is the way for you, even for the first game, note that we have warned you. Being a sniper in airsoft isn’t easy. You need to be patient, move around a lot and land precise shots as much as possible. For beginning snipers, it might even happen that a gameday goes by without scoring any hits which doesn’t really boost your happiness after the game.
    • Besides what you need to know and do, snipers have much higher expectations in terms of their weaponry, even in airsoft. You see, regular AEGs can easily hit targets at around 50-60 meters or more. This gives you just a small window where you have the upper hand. And this window can easily be lost if the enemy storms towards your position. If you are within the range of an AEG-equipped enemy, they will almost certainly have the upper hand due to the greater firepower of their rifle. Bear that in mind.
    • For all these reasons, it is essential that when you start airsoft sniping, you get a decent rifle straight away. Currently, there are still many cheap Chinese airsoft sniper rifles. However, with a price tag of around 100-150 euros, these shoot around the same way as an electric rifle does, making it pretty much useless out of the box. For this reason, many people upgrade these rifles for an extra 200 – 300 euros to stay competitive.
    • We at Novritsch always aimed to close this gap by releasing the SSG10 A1, a sniper rifle more than useful out of the box. However, you can’t really rent one on an airsoft field. That’s why if you decide to play the sniper role straight away, you should consider buying it, as it will come cheaper than most of the other options. The issue is, though, that for most games, you’ll also need a pistol to go with your sniper, not to hurt anyone in a close combat situation. These things expand the list of items you’ll actually need and it’s not uncommon to see 500 euros worth of gear just for the beginning. For us, that would be too much for the first game. But, in the end, it’s your call. Just keep in mind that starting as a sniper is hard.
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