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Milsim – Military Simulation

You’ve got your own kit and played a load of skirmishes, but now you want something a bit more intense. If so, then Milsims could be for you. Milsims are similar to skirmishes but have more rules, structure, narrative and a degree of roleplay. Also, they tend to be larger in scale and it’s also not uncommon to see military vehicles, tanks or even helicopters at such events. In some places, players may even use blank firing guns to add to the realism. A milsim game itself can run for 2-3 days non-stop. Long story short, Milsim is a whole new level of airsoft but they are also less common compared to regular airsoft games, so be sure to ask around community groups for recommendations.

Not always but Quite often Milsim teams are identified by their clothing instead of colored armbands. For example, this could be camo vs black, tan vs green vs black, or even different types of camo such as ACP vs Flecktarn. These usually depend on the storyline attached to the Milsim event. If you don’t have much in terms of clothing, your team choice may be limited, so be sure to check the rules ahead of time to ensure you have the correct clothing. Also research these different camo types so you can more quickly and easily identify friend and foe.

Very commonly there will be strict loadout requirements too, both in terms of what guns you can use and how much ammo you can carry. For example, only guns that are LMGs (light machine guns) can be used with high-capacity magazines; you can’t use a standard M4 with a box mag as that gun isn’t designed for that role. You may find that you will have a per mag ammo limit and an overall ammo limit too. Milsim players going for ultra-realism will commonly run 30 BB for assault rifle magazines and 15 BBs or so for pistols etc but for more relaxed ones, they’ll give you a total ammo limit depending on your role which can often cap at 600 BBs for ARs. You may also find you’re not allowed to carry loose BBs and everything you have must be in a magazine. All of these rules will be provided by the event so make sure you read them all before booking and again before attending to ensure you follow them correctly.

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