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Assaulter: SSR4 – The Perfect Beginner Gun

  • In our opinion, the SSR4 makes for the perfect beginner gun. The reasoning behind it is simple. It’s a quality AEG. This means you have very solid performance and firepower for basically any airsoft game. All that for a decent price.
  • Moreover, the Novritsch AEG comes with all the support you might need. An Academy to get you started, customer support if you have any questions and spare parts in case you need anything. As we ourselves are also airsoft players, we have a pretty good idea about what such an AEG should look like and what features it should have. No upgrades, straight out of the box. Well, you can read more about the Novritsch SSR4 on the website.
  • Now before we dive into all the other gear and get more technical, if you want the easiest way to start airsoft and get all the gear you need, you should check out our bundles which are designed for this specific purpose. We hand-pick all the items for you to get you a decent start at a reasonable price. Check the bundles and see if that’s something you’d like. And now let’s dive into more details in the next video.
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