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Game Day Part 1

  • So you’ve decided to go and play airsoft, you’ve booked on to your field and sorted out your kit, but what will happen when you get there?
  • When you arrive you’ll need to sign in so the site knows you’re there and will usually give you a wristband or similar to wear.
  • Most likely there will be a load of people wearing full camo and tactical gear. There may even be a few ghillie-suited snipers walking around. But try not to feel intimidated. At some point, most of these people came to airsoft for the first time as well, without all that gear. As long as you have your boots on, you’re good to go and nobody’s judging you.
  • If you’re renting your equipment, you’ll likely get it when you sign in. If you’re using a friend’s gun then it’ll need to be chrono’d. This is when the site checks to make sure it is not too powerful to protect all the players from injuries. It’ll be much easier if your friend does this for you. If you’re renting you won’t need to chrono the gun because the organizers already know that it’s within the power limits.
  • With that out of the way, try on all of the kit and fill your magazines. This is mostly done in two ways, depending on the magazine types. For mid-cap magazines – the ones that have no other BB compartment, you will likely need a speedloader like this one. Then you just put in BBs and use the speedloader to fill your mag. With High-cap magazine, you are likely to find a door like this one. You simply open it, pour in the BBs and then wind the magazine.
  • When you have that ready, it’s a good idea to try the gun out on a shooting range which is most of the time in the same place as the chrono station. Fire a few shots and learn how the gun works, set your hop-up and make any changes to your kit before the game actually starts. When it comes to setting hop up, the easiest way to do is to ask someone to set it for you right in the field. This system allows the BB to achieve greater range and accuracy but more on that later.
  • Once you’re happy with the gun and your kit, keep an ear open as the site will give a safety briefing and go over the rules. All sites will differ in some ways, so make sure you pay attention, even if your friends are not. All of this information is 100% necessary to ensure you have a safe and fun day playing.
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