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Common Game Types:


  • A lot of the game modes you’ll play in airsoft you’ll be familiar with if you’ve played games like Call of Duty, Halo and other first-person shooter games.
  • The common game modes include the following: 
    • TDM or Team Death Match where it’s an all-out battle to eliminate as many members of the opposite team as possible. Basically, all the players divide into two teams and fight. Simple as that.
    • CTF or Capture the Flag where both teams have a flag and it’s your job to capture it and return it to your base. When you get it, you win and the game restarts.
    • DOM or Domination where there are capture points around the map and you’ll get points for holding them and capturing them from the enemy. The team with more captured points wins.
    • Bomb mode is just like counterstrike. One team gets a bomb-looking device and has to plant it in a specific area and defend it until it detonates. The other team has to prevent this from happening by controlling the plant area, capturing the bomb, or defusing it if it’s already planted. 
    • Zombie or Infected, where a small team of infected players start and when they shoot the other team, instead of dying, you join them and the game ends when all players are infected
  • These are the most common game types but really the sky is the limit. Many games will have completely different objectives which can get quite complex, but you usually only encounter these in large-scale military simulations. 
  • Focusing on the objective is ultimately how your team will win the game, but it’s also a great way to find enemy players to shoot as most of the players will tend to go to the same area.
  • When you start playing airsoft you’ve got a lot to think about, so it’s probably best to not be too concerned about completing objectives, but always playing towards them will help your team while giving you experience with your kit without overloading your thought processes.
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