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You had the first game – Decision Time! Buy Gear OR Keep Renting

  • Besides connecting with the community, there is also one crucial thing you should consider before your next game. Should you buy new gear or do you rent again? 
  • The answer depends on what you can afford and how do you feel about the sport. If you are still unsure whether it’s the right thing for you, we would still recommend renting the gear once or twice more.
  • However, in general, for the price of 10 rentals, you can buy a brand new basic airsoft gear. So bear in mind that with each rent you take on, you are tossing away the money you could’ve invested to buy your very own gear.
  • One extra tip for you: don’t assess if you should or shouldn’t buy your gear solely based on the fact that you play good or not. Airsoft is never easy at first and you will get better. In most cases, we would recommend going with your gut feeling.
  • If you decide to get your own gear and need a bit of inspiration, make sure to go through the next chapter. There, we break up some really cool setups for both beginners and advanced players.
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