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Airsoft Terms to Understand

  • In airsoft, there are a lot of terminologies that can seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s all surprisingly simple once you understand what’s what. So to help you along with it, we’ve broken down some of the most common terms you’ll encounter in and out of the field.
  • First up, CQB and CQC
  • CQB stands for Close Quarters Battle and CQC for Close Quarters Combat. In airsoft, we use these pretty much interchangeably and they describe airsoft sites or areas where engagements happen at short distances. Typically, these happen in buildings and in smaller arenas with artificial obstacles. 
  • Chrono
    • Chrono is short for Chronograph which is a device used to test the power of your airsoft gun. All sites have limits and if your gun is over the limit, you will not be able to use it. If you want to know more about this topic, you will find a dedicated video in this academy. 
  • Respawn
    • This is the area you will go to once you’re hit so you can join back in the game.
  • Bang or Shot Rule
    • This rule is quite common these days and is used when you’re very close to the opponent. You simply can call BANG or SHOT on them and they take it as a hit instead of shooting them so close. However, you have to be careful with doing this. If used incorrectly, it cal lead to an argument. Only use it when the opponent is fully visible and you’re aiming at him already. Meaning that you would 100% hit him. Don’t use it when your opponent knows about you and is in cover.
  • Full Auto in Buildings
    • This is usually not allowed (again, can vary from site to site) so if you go into a building, drop down to semi only (one shot for every trigger pull) or use your pistol instead. If you only have a sniper rifle, avoid using it in buildings and switch to a pistol.
  • MED
    • This stands for Minimum Engagement distance and is the minimum distance you can shoot people. Mostly used for snipers and DMRs, but can also be used for determining semi and full auto distances too.
  • Medic Rule
    • This can vary from game to game. Instead of having to go back to your respawn when shot, another player on your team can ‘Medic’ you back in instead.
  • Gun Hits
    • This can vary from site to site. If your gun gets hit it can mean either you’re hit and need to go back to respawn OR you cannot use that gun anymore so you have to drop down to your sidearm OR it doesn’t count as a hit. No matter which is in play it’s still etiquette to call out GUN HIT so your opponent knows you’ve acknowledged it. 
  • And finally, Friendly Fire
    • This is where you get shot by your own team. When you’re in the moment it’s very difficult to determine if a hit is friendly or not. Whenever you feel a hit you have to call it immediately. Even if it was friendly, you still need to go back out to respawn as you’ve called it. Yes, this is a pain but is sadly a part of the game.
  • There are more terms you’ll run into out there, but these are a great starting point to help you know what’s going on and what people are talking about.
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