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How to Play Fair & Solve Conflicts?

Airsoft’s fun and exciting but is ultimately a game of honor. That means if even one player on the field doesn’t call hits, or if someone complains that someone isn’t calling their hit, it can start a spiral that will negatively affect the game for everyone. Each player has the power to ensure games stay fun and fair for everyone else, and this is how you can play your part.

First off, always call your hit as loud and clear as you can along with putting your hand in the air and keeping it there until you spawn back in. An even better solution is getting yourself a reflex vest and putting it on as soon as you’re hit. Or check out our hit markers for a more compact solution.  If you continue to get shot when you have your hand in the air, call HIT again or DEAD MAN loudly. Also, step aside and wave your hand. Most likely they didn’t hear you and they probably can’t see your hand is up. If you feel like you were shot excessively after your hand was raised, tell a marshal and they will talk to the other team about over-shooting. Just don’t get angry and try to get out of the fighting area as soon as you can.

Next, never directly accuse another player of not calling their hits as not only will this frustrate them and yourself, but it’ll also make everyone around you think players are not calling their hits which will affect their enjoyment of the game. Instead, if you suspect a player isn’t being as honest as they should be, take a close look at their clothing and loadout, find a marshal and explain what happened and what the player looks like. They’ll keep an eye on them and if they’re caught cheating, they’ll be dealt with appropriately.

If you find yourself in a position where a player is angry or shouting at you, feel free to walk away and talk to a marshal. If you feel confident enough, calmly ask the player what their issue is as it could be a simple misunderstanding and you can try to solve it on the spot. Don’t shout back to them though as this can often just escalate the situation further.

How I personally do it and what works well is that I just talk to the player and we find a compromise. Most of the time, suggesting that we both go to the respawn works well and everyone feels somewhat comfortable with this solution. If a compromise cannot be reached, I just go to the respawn myself without arguing at all. It’s just not worth it and soon I will be back in the game anyway.

We can’t control how other people act, but we can control how we act. And anger only breeds anger. So if you’re in a situation like this, stay calm and communicate respectfully. And if you need to, ask a marshal to step in and help.

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