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What else do you need as a Sniper?

  • Now that we have the rifle covered, every proper sniper should have a decent scope. There is a ton of options out there. Not to get too techy, we would recommend sticking with a scope that offers 3 or 4 times magnification on the lower end, as we found this to be the most useful for airsoft. You don’t really need more zoom than that in a regular game. Also, don’t forget you need mounting rings to mount the scope… Our scope sets normally include these but this is not the industry standard so keep that in mind.
  • On top of a rifle, a sniper’s loadout is fairly simple. You of course need to obtain the same safety gear we talked about earlier. However, for snipers, it’s mostly just a Boonie hat, glasses and a face mask that does the trick. On top of that, we recommend going with a simple Battle Belt platform, such as the one I have here. This one fits 2 spare magazines, a pistol with an extra mag and a radio pouch. This is essentially all you need to support the rifle. For longer games, you might want to grab a few extra mags but that’s not going to make or break it for you.
  • One pro tip here for you: definitely get magazine pouches that are the full seal. This means that no part of your magazine is sticking out, prone to dust getting in. Getting an expensive rifle and then putting dirty BBs in diminishes the accuracy so keep an eye out for this one.
  • If you want to step it up a notch, you should consider acquiring a Ghillie Suit on top of your carrying platform. This is even more important if you play as a sniper in a woodland area where camouflage is the key to success. Using the ex-military experience within our design team, we have created our very own modular Ghillie Suit system that allows you to adjust the colors based on the local environment using Raffia and artificial leaves. But there are also other solutions out there. Make sure to check them out if you want to get the most out of your sniping experience. It is truly fascinating when people just don’t see you.
  • Lastly, there is not much more you’ll need for a nice sniping experience. You can of course consider grabbing a radio, a face paint set, etc. Nonetheless, these aren’t really essential so we’ll leave those up to you. The only important thing is to always get quality sniper BBs. These also have a major impact on your accuracy, making it a vital part of your loadout.
  • That’s it about the sniper loadout. If you want to explore more, make sure to check where you can get basically everything you need for airsoft sniping. And keep an eye out for our later guide on making airsoft videos which might also be interesting for you as sniper hits are extremely satisfying to watch.
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