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Sniper: SSG10 A1 – The Perfect Sniper for Beginners

  • If you don’t like the AEG approach and you want to start airsoft sniping, you ultimately can. However, keep in mind that it requires a lot of patience and game knowledge, as well as decent gear. That is why this game style isn’t really recommended to beginners who aren’t aware of the downsides.
  • But as have been told what to expect, let’s get to the fun part – what do you exactly need to start playing as a sniper. The underlying point is simple: an airsoft sniper needs a rifle that outperforms all the automatic rifles in the field. Without such a rifle, you have no real advantages in the field, rendering the whole thing useless. And trust us, a cheap 100 buck replica isn’t gonna cut it here as these are often around the same performance as AEGs but shoot only one shot at a time. 
  • From our experience, one of the most used and bought starter sniper rifles is actually our SSG10 A1. The reason for that is understandable. This rifle is accurate, powerful and comes at a reasonable price for the upgraded parts you get. It’s also built upon a popular platform, allowing for modular adjustments when you change your style. You can get different stocks, scopes, suppressors and other attachments. Moreover, the SSG10 has a lot of support and video content made specifically for it, making it a very decent choice for the long run. But see for yourself and try to find an option that suits you the best.
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