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So now you’ve found your event, you’ve got your kit sorted and you’re ready to go. How do you transport your airsoft guns? As a universal rule, whenever you transport an airsoft gun of any kind, it cannot be exposed and must be concealed. It’s also a great idea to transport it unloaded and without any BBs or power sources in the same bag or case.

Is it ok to travel with your airsoft guns inside your gun bag? Yes. With them in a hard case? Of course. In a concealed holster you’re wearing? No. Can you open the case in public to check on them? Definitely not. If you run into a situation where you need to open the case for a security check or similar, inform the person before you open the case or bag of what’s inside so they’re not surprised by what looks like a firearm.

These rules work for transporting rifles on public transport and using your own car. For air and other types of international travel, there will be different rules depending on your travel provider, country of origin and destination, so please thoroughly check these rules before you travel.

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