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  • So what is airsoft? Airsoft is a relatively new sport where you get to run around with replica guns and shoot your friends with small, plastic BBs. You basically get to experience a video game in real life which is awesome!
  • It’s similar to paintball, but is much cheaper, isn’t messy, doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as much while also being more realistic
  • Airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from pistols and SMGs, to ARs and sniper rifles
  • Most of them are electric, but you can also get gas and bolt action guns too
  • Just like in a video game where you can customise your character, in airsoft, you are your own character. You can use whatever rig you like, whatever guns you like, you can even change the type of ammo you use and add different accessories to your guns to match your playstyle perfectly
  • If you want to be a sneaky sniper, grab your ghillie suit and silenced pistol and find the perfect hiding spot. Or grab your SWAT loadout so you’re ready to kick down the door and be the first one in
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