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Typical Skirmish – How it Works

including the description of in-game areas: Briefing, Safe Zone, Respawn

    • The majority of airsoft sites out there are ‘skirmish’ sites. They’re quite casual and run multiple games throughout the day. There are other types of sites you can go to including milsim, battlesim, filmsim, historic reenactment, etc, but when you’re starting out, skirmish sites are perfect for getting experience first.
    • When you arrive at the site you’ll go straight into the safe zone. This is where no guns can be fired as it is the only place you are not required to wear eye protection. However, I would personally recommend wearing your eyepro all the time even in the safe zone. You can never be too safe. In this safe zone, you should never fire your gun. Even if you do not have a magazine in or have a barrel sock on your gun, do not fire it, even if it is just dry firing without BBs.
      • If you do want to shoot to test your gun, there will be a range nearby where you can do this. Or you may be able to walk onto the site to test it there. For both of these options, you will need to wear eye protection.
    • The safety and game briefings will often happen in the safe zone. This is when the site tells you all of the safety information, site rules, and game information that you need to know to have a safe and fun day of airsoft. Always pay attention, even if you have heard it before as some rules may have changed. Don’t talk to other players during the briefing as there are others who are trying to listen. 
    • Once you’ve had your briefing and you’re heading out to the field, you will usually start in your team’s Respawn. This is the area you will return to once you get hit and are out of the game. Sometimes there will be additional rules in play such as having to wait in respawn for an amount of time or waiting until there’s a certain amount of people there before you can go back in, so make sure you listen to the briefing so you know what the respawn rules are. There could also be a medic rule in use on the day which could prevent you from needing to use the respawn point entirely.
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