Airsoft RPS: What is it, and how to improve it?

Airsoft RPS stands for Rounds Per Second. Sometimes called BPS, which means BBs Per Second, this is the rate of how many bbs your gun fires in a second, your rate of fire.

Why is RPS important in airsoft?

Rounds per Second (RPS) is vital in airsoft because it affects the gun’s performance in various situations. High RPS can provide a tactical advantage, especially in close-quarters combat, where firing faster can increase the chances of hitting an opponent.

However, it’s important to note that RPS is not the only factor determining a gun’s effectiveness in airsoft. Factors such as accuracy, range, and power are also important. So, you should consider all of these factors when choosing a gun for your style of play.

What is a good RPS for you?

A good RPS depends on your preferences and play style. However, most players consider a rate of fire of at least 15 RPS to be reasonable, while some competitive players may prefer speeds of 25 RPS or higher. Remember that a higher RPS may require more frequent magazine changes, so it’s essential to balance the rate of fire with magazine capacity and other factors when choosing a gun.

What advantages do you get with high RPS?

High RPS can also help suppress enemy fire and provide cover for teammates during an engagement. Also increases your hit probability through bushes and forested areas on your local field.

SSR90 attachment variations

How to boost your airsoft RPS

There are long dedicated content pieces on RPS builds in airsoft. First things first, high RPS is cheapest to achieve with an AEG. Although possible with HPA, the costs are higher.

More on AEG basics can be found in our other blog post:

If you already own a replica, check if you can use it with an 11.1 V LiPo battery. Even though these are the simplest way to improve your RPS, be aware that they can cause damage to replicas when used without a MOSFET or in low-powered guns.

If that still doesn’t cut it, consider looking into faster gears, lighter piston assembly, a DSG build, or just take our recommendation and save yourself the hassle.

Cool high RPS replica recommendations

Understandably, rebuilding your entire AEG is kind of a painful process. Therefore, if you want to save yourself some trouble, we recommend checking out the Novritsch SSR90. It is capable of, out of the box, firing at 25 RPS. That is more than enough for mowing down bushes on your local field. Besides that, you get cool programming options and a quick spring exchange.

And remember, guys… No full auto in the buildings 😏

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