Can an airsoft gun KILL someone?

Since there are people asking this very question, let us offer a clear answer:

ℹ️ No. Airsoft guns cannot kill you. They are made to shoot at people for a hobby. They can, however, seriously injure people and kill small animals.

Okay, it’s time for some explaining. When following the basics of gun safety rules, the risk of injury is almost 0. This, however, does not mean everyone is following the basic gun safety procedures. That’s when injuries happen.

What can happen and how bad does it get?

Model example. You are in the safe zone, and someone just fired an airsoft gun on accident. What’s the worst thing that could happen? In the worst case, it was a sniper rifle that had about 5 Joule muzzle energy.

  • 🟩 Being shot in the body will result in a bruise, and the BB could get stuck underneath the top layer of the skin.
  • 🟧 Being shot in the face, neck, or places with thin skin: your skin will most likely be punctured, and some blood will come out. Painful but heals.
  • 🟥 Being shot in the naked eye will most likely temporarily blind you, with the risk of losing your vision. A hospital visit is very likely. This is why you should never take off your glasses whenever airsoft guns are handled around you.

With people, in all of the above-mentioned cases, it will not lead to a fatal wound. Animals are a different story, though.

How strong would an airsoft gun have to be to be considered deadly?

Any projectile-firing weapon that can create an impact force over 50 Joule, or according to the FBI standards 85 Joule, is the minimum amount of energy for a projectile with regards to shot placement to be considered deadly. But since no commercial airsoft guns shooting plastic BBs can reach anywhere near this energy, the guns are nonlethal, and the sport is safe.

What can make airsoft guns dangerous?

  1. Using metal, glass, and ceramic BBs will carry a lot more energy and can have a bigger chance of penetrating airsoft protection – that’s why they are banned from the game.
  2. Breaking the fields’ limits is surprisingly not safe. The aim of restrictions is not to limit your range and fun but to keep you safe. Installing an M220 spring in your replica while there is a 350 fps limit would be a large safety risk.
  3. Some attachments can make airsoft dangerous. For example, dull bayonets for reenactment may not cut anyone, but in close quarters, someone can empale themselves on it.

Terrain is more dangerous than airsoft guns

The terrain you play in is often more dangerous than BB hits. Why? Let’s be honest: many airsoft fields are basically abandoned buildings with a lot of hazardous spots, such as balconies without railings, holes in the ground that someone might fall into, and glass and nails on the ground that might puncture your feet if you jump on it. Being cautious of your surroundings is important and often forgotten by many.

Animal safety

We’ve touched on this before, but never point your gun at animals!

They are more fragile than humans and can’t protect themself (there is no such thing as a pigeon with a Dye mask… Sorry).

The impact from airsoft guns can be fatal to them, and not even pests should suffer. Airsoft guns are strictly for sport and shouldn’t be used to shoot anything other than willing opponents on an airsoft field.

In case your Pet was shot by an accident from an airsoft gun, immediately visit the veterinarian since your pet won’t tell you if it’s seriously hurt or not.

That’s about it. In general, airsoft won’t kill you, but it may kill your wallet 🙂

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