How to keep your eyepro fog-free?

What causes fogging glasses?

The most common reason for fog is the temperature difference between the outside air and the temperature of the protective lens of your eye-pro. The lack of movement also has a lot to do with the ventilation of the lens. While moving, there is a consistent airflow that removes air vapor from the lenses and dries them, preventing the creation of condensation, aka fog.

❗️Never touch your glasses directly. Your sweat will stain them and introduce dirt, and the oil from your fingerprints will counter any antifog layer.❗️

What to do against fogging for free?

Start by keeping your glasses clean and protected in a microfiber pouch. Wash your glasses with soapy water, rinse with cold water, and leave to dry.

Your Head gear will dictate how much you will sweat and how much room for airflow there will be. For example, a balaclava over your nose with Face Pro and a helmet on top will make you sweat in no time, and even better, passive antifog solutions won’t be of much help.

If you need to wipe off some dirt, use a microfiber towel. They are usually included with most glasses. Never start wiping your glasses with your gloves or fingers when you’re fogged up. Instead, flap your hands to create a slight breeze to remove the fog.

❗️Don’t remove your glasses during the game once you start fogging under any circumstances. We hope this doesn’t have to be said.❗️

Active solutions to F**k Fog

As good as anti-fog spray sounds, it is not a permanent fix. It works by applying a thin coating to your lens to minimize fogging. But for any “heavy foggers,” this won’t help for more than a few minutes.

An active antifog unit is an encased fan that blows air directly onto your lens, quickly eliminating any vapor stuck on your lens and giving you back your vision. Do you want to go more in-depth about our active antifog unit? Read this:

In this blog post, we go much more in-depth, so don’t hesitate to read on if you want to know more.

Another option is to put a built-in fan in your goggles. However, due to the glasses’ size limitations, the fan is too small and underpowered to make any serious difference (see picture below). Plus, it’s a bit bulky, loud, and, from our experience, unreliable.

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