HOW TO: Cheap way to get into HPA airsoft guns

If you have been into airsoft for some time, there are chances you’ve stumbled upon the HPA System. But is it worth your time? Can you do it on a low budget? What do you need for it? Let’s break that down right now!

How does HPA tapping work?

Before we get into the ‘does it make sense?‘ part, let’s briefly introduce the system. If you are not familiar with HPA in general and why it makes sense for some (No cooldown, temperature independent, reliable, etc.), we recommend filling that gap here:

HPA Taps are a simple way to get into HPA compared to rebuilding an AEG into the HPA system. Where you would need to buy an HPA engine for AEG gearboxes, you can simply use your average gas pistol. Just so you have an idea, the HPA engines alone can cost up to 800 bucks… 👎

Essentially, you take a gas-powered pistol, but instead of Green Gas/CO2, you power it with just pure, pressurized air. But how do you do that? Well, there are more ways.

ℹī¸ Note that all HPA Taps require you to get an HPA tank, a low-pressure regulator and a hose – meaning it’s not free.

What will you need?

For this bit, we won’t include the base pistol in the list since you likely already have it. For a Glock adapter, it can be any airsoft gas blowback Glock, for instance, the SSP18.

The following list redirects to our European webshop. If you are in the USA, you can check all the stuff on this HPA page.

Overall, this gear will set you back around 270 bucks. Considering you use the Novritsch Regulator, that is quite a bargain, in our opinion – as regulators can go way harder on your wallet. Moreover, if you ever decide to buy another HPA gun, you can easily use the same bottle, regulator and line, making this a very versatile purchase. 😊

Using an HPA Adapter

The above-shown adapter is overall very practical, even if it makes your gun a bit bulkier. You can easily reload without breaking the air connection, and there is no teching involved. But as described earlier, adapter sizes make them less suitable for HPA-tapping Gas DMRs, for instance (Novritsch SSX303 is a great example here).

  • Plug’n’play with no teching needed
  • Flawless reloading using cheap AEG magazines
  • Still notably cheaper than HPA engines for AEGs
  • A bit more expensive when compared to HPA connectors.
  • Esthetics: You have an extra magazine sticking out of the gun.

Replacing your Gas magazine’s inlet valve

This is the cheaper alternative. However, be aware – it’s not always better. It includes taking one or more of your magazines (depending on your needs) and removing their inlet valves. That’s the thing you use to fill your magazine with gas. After that, you replace it with an HPA connector.

  • A connector is cheaper than the adapter
  • The magazine keeps the same size – more or less.
  • It requires you to tech your magazine, risking leaks.
  • Reloading these magazines is a pain. You must either reconnect the HPA line or refill BBs in the same mag.

⛓ HPA adapters give you an awesome edge in firepower, making them perfect for pistols.
🔌 HPA connectors are a low-profile solution, good when you don’t shoot too much.

When to go for HPA Taps?

To even consider using pistols as HPA guns, you need to be aware of the HPA system in general. If you know its benefits and if they work for you well enough to justify the costs, then you should consider HPA Taps. Now, when are these Taps actually superior?

When you like playing with gas pistols but hate their cooldown.
When you get to play on close to mid-ranged fields.
When you like to move a lot around the field.
When you get to play in cold winter environments.
When you love pistols going ratatatatata.

There are many moments where these Taps are a pure joy to use. But it’s also worth mentioning when NOT to go for HPA Taps:

If you use your pistol as a secondary only.
If you are on a budget (get an AEG).
If you are just starting out with airsoft.

New NOVRITSCH HPA Adapter – why is it cool?

To add to the area, we at NOVRITSCH made our own Adapter. The reason? Simply put, the existing adapters were sort of expensive and hard to get. Which, in our opinion, was a shame since taps are extremely fun to play with.

That’s why we created our own. Also, it allowed us to play around with some features an adapter can fit. Just to mention some, we added a latch that holds the BBs on their way through the adapter. This way, when you reload the MP5 mag, you don’t waste those ca. 30 BBs that sit in the middle.

Speaking of magazines, we went with the straight MP5-style AEG mags. They provide enough BBs while not looking as ridiculous as those M4 HPA adapters that make your pistol look like an ugly boomerang. And there is more. After all, you can check it right now on our webshop:

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