How to make Airsoft Gameplay Videos

What’s up,

Airsoft is a really fun sport. Meeting your friends, being outdoors, physical activity and shooting guns is a combination that makes me wanna go play Airsoft every single weekend for 9 years.

Especially sitting around a campfire, drinking a beer and telling your friends about insane kills or fails that you made, makes an airsoft day even better. Now image you can show everybody what you did through a video in which you can see every single BB flying towards your targets.

New possibilities

With affordable action cams hitting the market – making your own gameplay videos is easier than ever. However, the biggest barrier that most people have is – how can I build a Zoom Cam and how do I edit all this video footage into nice exciting gameplay.

The Story on how I figured this all out:

Six years ago when I started making videos it was quite difficult to start. The only way to get a zoom camera was to build a mount from scratch for a 500 USD camcorder with manual focus. If you wanna see the hassle it is to build that mount, check out my old guide:

Original ScopeCam Guide

Even though the video/audio quality and the image stabilisation of the camcorder is nice, the camcorder setup comes with a lot of disadvantages such as:

It’s heavy and bulky. If you touch the focus ring by accident, everything will be out of focus. If you bump it into something it will not be aligned with your shots anymore

These drawbacks are what popularised Mobius Action Cameras with zoom lenses mounted in them. however, I was never really happy with the quality of those compared to the camcorder.

That was until now when action camera video quality improved and are now at the point where they can create an image that is comparable to the one of my camcorder.
Due to the vast amount of mail asking me how to build a zoom cam and how to edit videos I knew that this is the next thing I have to create for you guys – so I tried every combination of action cameras and zoom lenses until I found the one that works the best for me in terms of reliability, quality and price.

Together with the action cam manufacturer Foxeer Legend, I created the NOVRITSCH Zoomcam which includes everything needed to record your BB flying towards your enemy. Unlike the standard Foxeer Legend 2 the NOVRITSCH Zoomcam comes with a Picatinny rail adapter and a 35mm zoom lens preinstalled.

Since most people have problems somewhere in the progress of making Zoomcam videos – I created the NOVRITSCH Video Creation Course in which I show every single step from unboxing the camera to growing an audience on Youtube.

Content Overview:

  • Mounting and Zeroing the Zoomcam
  • Camera Settings
  • Preparation for Gameday
  • How to Record on the Field
  • Backing Up Footage
  • Editing Software Basics
  • Syncing Multiple Cameras
  • Cutting Progress
  • Overlays and Sound Effects
  • Voice Over
  • Exporting and Uploading to Youtube
  • How to Become a Sponsored Player

If you always wanted to share your airsoft skills and stories with your friends and the world check out my Zoomcam that comes together with the Video Creation Course.

Important note: the original Zoomcam is no longer available. Instead, you can now take a look at the Scopecam I use now. Time moves on, and so does the image quality. Well, see for yourself…

EU product link (US alternative):

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