What is the Best Airsoft Pistol for You?

Everyone has his own unique playstyle and preferences. That’s why we at Novritsch designed multiple airsoft pistols to suit all the needs. Check out the list below. In case you’re still picking your pistol, just click the type to learn more about what we like about these pistols:

  • The SSP1 – A reliable Hard-kicking workhorse
  • The SSX23 – The stealthy non-blowback platform
  • The SSP18 – A Full-Auto Gas Powerhouse of a pistol
  • The SSE18 – A pistol that will work no matter what

SSP1 – The Reliable Workhorse

If you like to play as aggressively as John Wick, You need to check out the SSP1! The greatest benefit of the SSP1 is its reliability. Made of strong metal internals, it’s capable of hard kick and being loud. This pistol knows how to make a bombastic entrance while looking classy – that is why we like it!

Yet, there are some tweaks that may not be for everyone. Firstly, as the pistol is made to kick hard and last long, it uses bulkier parts, making the pistol notably heavier. Compared to the SSP18, this means almost 50 % extra weight (without the magazine it weights 665g / 1.4lb).

Secondly, the pistol comes with BlowBack. This makes it feel very realistic but inevitably adds a lot of noise. Therefore, if you are into stealth and sneaky playstyle, you might wanna consider the SSX23 or the SSE18.

With smart design, the SSP1 can be used with either CO2 for colder days and Green Gas for warmer days. In the right hands, it will be something to look out for on the field. No one hears the Baba Yaga until he’s already here…

SSX23 – “Did anyone hear him?”

The SSX23 is the silent Hitman pistol. Combined with a suppressor, the SSX23 becomes silent. That is great when you engage contacts from behind or shoot them in between bushes.

This gun is great for many situations, but it also has trade-offs you should consider. Those are mostly connected to the Non-BlowBack solution:

  • Without the moving slide, you sacrifice realism. But, in return, you get a significantly better Green Gas efficiency. This means you can get more shots out of one Gas refill.
  • The missing BlowBack also causes a longer trigger pull as you need to help the BB in the chamber. As a consequence, you get a reduced firerate but also a silent pistol.

One last thing. Less moving parts mean less vibration and other elements negatively affecting accuracy. Combined with the ability to hop-up heavy BBs, this pistol competes with AEGs in range and accuracy. That is especially good for snipers as it leaves no “blind” engagement distance where your sniper would be too strong and your pistol too inaccurate.

SSP18 – Most fun per second

There has been at least one situation where you wished you had a full-auto capable sidearm. That is the SSP18. With the weight-reducing cutouts, the metal slide is more durable than plastic & is light enough to have great gas efficiency.

This custom pistol has a high rate of fire making it very responsive, unlike more standard models. The threaded barrel is fixed and doesn’t drop during cycling which allows you to use suppressors or tracer units without any issues. When it comes to magazines, you can choose between CO2 and Green Gas. But if you want to take it a step further, you can go with the extended magazine.

If you consider getting the SSP18, just bear in mind that this pistol is relatively loud. If you wish for silent takedowns, surprise flanking, etc., the SSX23 might be a better option.

SSE18 – Bang for your Buck!

The NOVRITSCH SSE18 is the optimal AEP – Airsoft Electric Pistol. Those are different compared to all of the mentioned pistols. This comes with some amazing advantages, as well as with some drawbacks. In our opinion, AEP is overall a great solution. Here’s why:

  • The AEP category offers a full-auto fire mode in most cases.
  • With quality parts, you can get very decent and stable accuracy.
  • The AEP works regardless of temperatures and requires little to no maintenance.
  • These platforms are overall cheaper than Gas. This goes for pistols and especially magazines.

On the other hand, before getting an AEP, consider these drawbacks:

  • The AEPs lack realism. Because of the small package, there is no room for blowback.
  • As the pistol is electric, you have to keep a battery around. Those are not always easy to get if you need/want a spare one.
  • There are not that many AEP types around as they are not developed as often. Many of them are also plastic and come with low-quality parts. That is why we frankly recommend you, if you are interested in the AEPs, consider the Novritsch SSE18 as it was developed recently, using modern standards.

The SSE18 especially offers quite a lot for the price. Sporting a 30 round stock magazine, or 100 round extended magazine, this sidearm has firepower & performance that outclasses its price. The endurance of the included LiPo battery keeps your trusty backup ready to go in any weather. This gun includes all the accessories you need: Battery, charger, Speed Loader, Magazine and Gun all in one neat package. This puppy comes with a metal slide. It can be silenced with one of our standard silencers. It may not have the blowback action of some other pistols, but being a high capacity, easy to use sidearm, it’s the King of budget & jack of all trades.

Which one is for you?

In conclusion, all pistols offered here combine precision and durability. The only thing you need to consider before buying one of these pistols is your playstyle. Do you like to play loud and aggressive? Get the SSP1. Are you a stealthy and quiet player? Get the SSX23. Do you need fully automatic firepower? Get the SSP18. Are you money-conscious or looking for a solution that will always work? Are you also willing to sacrifice realism? Get the SSE18.

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