Easy Airsoft Joules to FPS Converter

Note that airsoft Joules to FPS Converter results may vary from actual chronograph measurements! This may be caused by temperature, weather, battery type used in the gun, Gas type, or the Joule creep effect when using heavier BBs.

Do you prefer to use an FPS Chart? We have one here as well.

Do you need to convert your FPS to Joules? Check out our FPS to Joule Calculator!

Is my airsoft gun safe?

That depends on the muzzle energy. See the following categories for reference:

⚪️ Under 1 Joule:

The most common limit in CQB fields with no minimal engagement. Most airsoft pistols are within these limits. Here you can expect slower muzzle velocity, giving the opponent more time to react at medium distances.

🟢 Under 1,9 Joule:

Most of the airsoft replicas, such as the Novritsch SSR4, will fall here. This power output is perfect for short to medium-range effective engagements. Due to the higher energy output, a minimal engagement distance should be implemented since point-blank shooting may break the skin surface and leave a mark for a few days.

🟡 Under 2,2 Joule:

This is the most common limit for Semi-Auto Marksman Rifles and airsoft Light Machine Guns. Minimal engagement distance is mandatory for the safety of the players, and alongside a gun like this, you should carry a secondary weapon for close engagement (ideally under 1 Joule). You can expect to outrange most riflemen in a head-to-head battle.

🔴 Under 5 Joule:

A category reserved for bolt action snipers with maximum power and the upper hand in range and accuracy. Due to their high power output, Sniper Rifles can’t be used within CQB as they may hurt someone. As the sniper, a suppressed pistol – non-blowbacks like the SSX23 work wonders here – can give you a stealthy advantage during close engagements. Remember that around 4 – 5 Joule, your gun may already be too strong for many games.

⚫️ Above 5 Joules

Just don’t shoot at people. Shoot at cans in your garden. That’s too strong.

How to boost my airsoft FPS/Joules?

If you found your gun could be a bit stronger using the airsoft FPS calculator, there are a few ways to boost your Joules/FPS, depending on the replica you are working with.

1️⃣ For Gas Guns, the recipe is relatively simple: use a stronger gas! These days, Airsoft Gas has more levels of pressure, usually distinguished by colors (from Blue Gas, the weakest, to Black Gas, the strongest). Just be aware that you might break your gun if the pressure is too high.

2️⃣ For Electric rifles, see if yours comes with a Quick Spring Exchange system. This usually allows you to easily swap the spring, ramping up power. Just don’t overdo it, as again, having a too-strong spring might break your gun.

3️⃣ For Sniper Rifles, you can use a trick similar to an electric rifle. But again, be aware of the risks.

Easy trick if your gun is too strong 💪

Imagine you are going up to the Chrono but end up having your gun too strong. To an extent, you can fix this issue using the Joule Creep trick. The way to do it is simple: Put lighter BBs in your gun!

With lighter BBs, you can push the energy output down a bit. It won’t solve a gun that’s 1 Joule stronger than it should be, but it can’t solve a problem with the gun being slightly over the limit.

Just make sure not to put the heavy BBs back in after chronoing – that would be considered cheating and might get you kicked out of the game! More on the Joule Creep effect can be found here:

FPS Chart: Alternative to the calculator.

In case you are more used to an FPS Chart, feel free to explore ours here:

Does airsoft hurt? The safety aspect.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether playing airsoft hurts, we have a full guide with a breakdown on our blog. However, long story short, airsoft is absolutely safe if proper protective measures are used.

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