The Best Tactical Gloves for YOU: a Simple Guide

Whether you’re serving in the military or just enthusiastically playing airsoft/paintball, chances are you came across the need to protect your hands. And as there are many options on the market, we decided to create a simple guide, exploring our favourite options while exposing their upsides and downsides.

We definitely recommend tactical gloves made by MECHANIX. With years of experience, we find their fit and product quality to be worth it.

As it was mentioned earlier, gloves made by Mechanix are our go-to choice. After all, they are the industry standard for a reason. However, even with Mechanix, there are multiple choices you can make based on your needs.


In case reading isn’t really our thing, check out our video where we sum all the glove types:

Chris and Josef from NOVRITSCH talking about Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix – Fast Fit Gen II:


  • Affodable = losing them isn’t that much of a problem
  • No velcro = no mess catches onto these
  • Very durable = they will last you


  • Less protection = a hit with a BB can still hurt
  • Touchscreens don’t work with these

The key feature of these gloves is simplicity. Costing less than 20 €/$, these are affordable and offer a great fit. To be honest, we personally feel like these fit the best as they don’t have any extra layers.

Mechanix – The Original M-Pact:


  • Protection = best for airsoft in terms of finger protection
  • Phone compatible = you can use the touchscreen easily
  • Very durable = they will last you


  • Cost more = almost twice the Fast fit price
  • Less sensitive due to thicker fabric

These may be the overall favorites of the airsoft community. Whether you put your hand into a broken glass or you get hit by a BB in your fingers, these will do their job. You can also take a picture using your phone with these still on.

Mechanix – The Original M-Pact 3 Gen II:


  • The looks = Truly tacticoolw/ knuckle protection
  • Phone-ready = these can be used with touchscreens
  • Very durable = they will last you


  • More expensive Mechanix gloves = at almost 50 €
  • Less protection for airsoft = fingers just have padding

For airsoft, these do not offer as much protection. However, the hefty knuckles make them very good looking and durable. Also, the fit is great. Just be aware that finger protection is limited.

Mechanix – M-Pact Fingerless:


  • Good price = Cheaper than regular M-Pacts
  • Phone-ready = obviously… Your fingers are exposed
  • Decent protection of knuckles and upper fingers


  • Exposed finger tips are quite vulnerable

These gloves are a middle ground for those who don’t really like to wear gloves. You don’t have to take these off regardless of what you do. However, getting these is a thing of preference. In most cases, you know that you want to go fingerless. But it’s not for everyone.

Sizes: which one to get?

When it comes to glove sizes, you have basically two options:

  • If your hand is standard in size, you just pick the M size. Most of our team use these and they fit… like a glove.
  • If you are unsure or have a non-standard hand size, you can check out this Mechanix size guide:


Opting for a pair of Mechanix tactical gloves is a good decision – this goes for more than just airsoft. These are durable and we know that they did a great job with the fit. The specific type is then just a matter of preference. The original M-Pacts are great at protecting your fingers, the Fast fits are more precise and you can of course go fingerless. It’s up to you now!

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