5 GBBR Myths: Busted & Explained

Running a GBBRs is a bit more demanding than an average AEG, but the experience is priceless. Let’s bust some GBBR myths today!

Myths we’ll bust today:

Myth 1: Compared to other guns, GBBRs are way more expensive to run!

One of the biggest misconceptions we get asked is how much more expensive it is to run a GBBR than an AEG and how many bottles of Gas I go through on one game day?

How can a gun that shoots more expensive BBs and uses Gas be reasonably cheap to run? The answer combines accuracy and limited magazine capacity. A few precise hits with more expensive BBs are cheaper than spraying an entire bag of BBs with your Full Auto AEG. Feel free to explore our shop to do the math yourself…

As for Gas, one bottle should last you for several game days, so no worries there.

🎓 Given how much you shoot with a GBBR, the costs are very fair.

Myth 2: GBBRs are high-maintenance guns.

This was the truth in the early days of GBBRs, but it’s no longer valid. With most GBBRs coming to market now, you do not have to maintain them more than you would maintain your AEG.

Simple cleaning of a barrel every other month should be enough. Worst case, you lube your gun, but plenty of guides exist for that. For instance, the SSQ22 can be your friend here.

Myth 3: GBBRs are expensive to buy.

The cost to enter into the GBBR world seems high at first sight, but if you think about it, it’s not that more expensive than buying a cheaper AEG and then, later down the road, spending a lot of money upgrading the said AEG.

GBBRs upgrades are not expensive, to begin with, and there’s not much that needs an upgrade on GBBR anyway. But to be entirely fair, if you only compare the prices of the cheapest AEG and GBBR, we cannot bust this myth for you. Just keep in mind this is not the complete picture.

Myth 4: GBBRs don’t work during winter.

This is something that is mentioned quite often and is typically a deal breaker for most people. However, this is not true anymore.

🎓 Using Black Gas or HPA can get you through the winter.

With current efficient GBBR rifles and multiple gas variants (Green Gas, Red Gas, Black Gas), you can run GBBRs in colder temperatures than ever. And even if gas itself fails – which it still can – you can always switch to HPA with an HPA Adapter, giving you the same kick.

Myth 5: GBBRs are inconsistent and, therefore, inaccurate.

Yes, the FPS drops may happen with GBBRs, but they’re not as big as some think. This mostly happens when you deplete too much gas from your magazine.

When you’re almost out of gas, the consistency goes down compared to an AEG. However, it’s not as big of an issue because you only have about 30 to 40 bbs to shoot out of every magazine. That means you won’t use up all gas, especially on Semi-Auto. Usually, inconsistencies don’t jump over 0.1 Joule with GBBRs.

Running a GBBR is so much fun… You just have to toss away all the fears and enjoy it, as the kick and effect are priceless. Long story short, it is as realistic as it’s gonna get with airsoft.

We hope that our take on these 5 myths helped you understand better where GBBRs are right now and why it doesn’t make sense to fear jumping on board. And in case you are interested, we recently launched our own GBBR – the SSQ22. Feel free to check it out 🙂

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