Tactical Airsoft Flashlight: How to mount and use one.

🔦 Mounting your airsoft flashlight to the front end of the rail so there’s no obstruction to the beam of light. This also reduces suppressor shadow if you are using one.

3 Basic Tips on mounting an Airsoft Flashlight

Mounting Tactical flashlights is relatively easy. Yet, there is some good advice to follow:

  1. Push your rifle light as far forward as your rail allows: Just like in the picture below, having the light this forward means there are fewer things to block the beam of light. Thanks to that, you won’t splash the light all over your rifle – giving away your position even more in low-light situations.
  2. Use Pressure Pad as light switches: If your light is mounted properly, you most likely cannot easily reach it with your hand. If you only use the flashlight to illuminate dark areas, it will be OK. However, if you want to use it on your enemies, you need instant access to the switch. That’s why you need a pressure pad!
  3. Use 45° mounts for Flashlight placement: In the picture, the Flashlight is mounted at a 45° angle to the original MLOK rail. This placement is often the most practical, with the least obstructing your sight, hands or the barrel. Take our word for it: it’s worth it!

Why weapon-mounted? I have a headlamp!

Nothing stops you from using a headlamp, but we are not hiking here… You will run into a few issues with running a headlamp. First of all, especially with cheap headlamps, the output of light on is pretty low, meaning you won’t see far with it. Besides that, at least from our point of view, it’s a significant pain that you can’t turn on and off the light while keeping your hands on the gun.

PEQ Box vs standalone Tactical Flashlight?

That depends on a few aspects. What replica do you plan to put the accessories on? What do you like? How much output light do you need?

If you have a short gun like the SSR90 or Pistol, we would say go with a standalone Rifle/Pistol Flashlight. However, if you have more rail space, you can pick or choose if you want just a PEQ box, Rifle Flashlight, or both. There’s no wrong choice out of these three.

Remember that due to the added lasers, the PEQ boxes’ light output tends to be lower than with a standalone Flashlight.

3 Uses for an Airsoft Flashlight

We assume your light is now properly mounted. Let’s check 3 more tips for proper use that will help you achieve better results in the field!

1. Winning a low-light Airsoft fight.

Remember to use your weapon-mounted light to deny access to the area you shine your light. Just keep in mind that the light also works against you simply because you are making yourself a target for the amount of time your light is turned on.

Overall we recommend using your light only when you need to identify a target when you shooting at the target.

2. Confuse them with a strobe light.

If you’ve been in the sport for some time, you know how annoying it is when someone is strobing you with a flashlight, especially in CQB. They do it for a reason!

You don’t need a dedicated strobe light for this. Quickly tap your pressure pad while in a fight to add confusion to the situation. Since your enemies already know where you are, you will only make it harder for them to hit you. This is especially true in dark areas, where one’s eyes get accustomed to the low-light conditions.

3. Optimise your BB’s flight path.

When you struggle to track your BBs, for instance, on a bright day, a flashlight can actually help you fix that. Just turn it on, and you’ll see how your BBs start reflecting the light back at you, giving you accurate feedback on the flight path.

Great if you need to fine-tune your Hop-Up!

👨🏻‍⚖️ Before you buy a Flashlight or a PEQ Box with the intent of mounting it to an airsoft replica check your local lawsif you can legally own them.

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