5 Basic Tips to get better at Airsoft

Before going to an Airsoft game, it‘s always good to refresh our memories concerning the tips and tricks to know in order to be ready at all times and win any game. We summed up 5 of the most basic but very useful tips that will help you to rule the field!

TIP 1: Adjust your airsoft Hop-Up properly

Adjusting your hop-up is the first and most important tip you can ever get. For most of us, this is a well-known thing. But just as a reminder: you should set your Hop-Up so that the BB follows the ideal trajectory – straight with the BB going up a bit by the end.

But since Hop-up is a precision part, you should always ensure it’s as clean as possible. To maybe help you with that, we have a video on pistol hop-up adjustment with dirty gloves on.

You can adjust your Hop Up with most of quality pistols as well. And you can easily do it with your gloves on. 🧤

Great pistols with Hop-Up

TIP 2: Organize your Magazines

It might not seem that necessary, but what‘s more annoying than not knowing where your full magazines are during a game. First, think about what side you want them to be on. If you‘re right-handed, it makes sense to keep them on your left side because your left hand will operate and reload.

When the magazines are in the pouch, the BBs should be facing towards you. Because during a game, this is what makes more sense for smooth and quick reloading.

Our favourite airsoft pouches

TIP 3: Hit people FAST

Evidently, your main goal is to hit your enemies faster and be the first one. To do so, there is one very simple tip to keep in mind at all times. Keep your gun up at all times and look a bit over the sights to retain your whole field of view. When you see a target, quickly realign your gun and shoot. With this tip, you will likely be faster than your enemies.

TIP 4: Don’t expose yourself!

Most players can hit a can from 20 meters (65 feet). Knowing this, it is important not to expose anything unnecessary. This means both yourself and your replica!

When in cover behind a wall, try to stand a bit further away from it rather than lean on it. This way, you have a better view and more flexibility. Because if you are standing right behind a wall, you are exposing your muzzle or yourself, and you have limited movement.

If you want to approach a corner, try to stand further away from it. You will see how easily you can now peek into the space and change positions.

TIP 5: Get better at walking

Do you know how to walk silently? If not, watch the following video and master it!
It is quite important to know how and where to walk in order to attack your enemies by surprise. You don‘t want to make any noise, meaning you should avoid stepping on any debris, glass or rocks.

Place your feet carefully, mind your steps and sneak in on anyone!

Whether you are an experienced Airsofter or a beginner, these tips are always a good thing to know and have in mind. What do you think? Which tip helped you the most?

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