How to apply Army Face Paint in 4 simple steps

Humans are pretty good at recognizing faces, even from a distance. To avoid this, you need to do two things: Change the round shape of your head (ideally with a hat) and add some Army Face Paint.

🌲 Face paiting isn’t just about the color. It’s also about the shadows a face casts.

STEP 1: Inspect your surroundings

Do you know where you’ll be using the camouflage paint? You should. Walk around the area, and get to know the colors.

Generally speaking, summer comes with warmer colors, meaning more greens. On the contrary, winter will be darker. For the face paint, you want to have
3 colors: Green, Brown and Black.

Don’t have any? You can get affordable face paint on our webshop.

STEP 2: Put light Face Paint where shadows form.

Usually, that means putting the lightest colors, ideally green, under your nose, around your eyes and under your chin. That’s where you need to start. No need to worry about making these spots too large. You can always put darker colors on top of it.

Also, don’t worry about a regular pattern.

STEP 3: Put dark where the sun gets on your skin

After putting the greens on, now is time for the blacks. Here, you want to have these dark colors on the spots where no shadows tend to form. This means nose, forehead, ears, and a bit on the cheeks.

No need to overdo it here. The brown will follow in between the two and balance things out nicely.

STEP 4: Apply the brown paint in between

As mentioned earlier, now the brown/mid color comes into play. Use it to fill in all the blank spaces left on your face. When you’re done, there should be no empty spot left. Play around, and try to make the pattern randomized as you see fit.


And that’s it! Oh, and don’t forget about your neck – it’s also visible.

How to undo the Army Face Paint

If you need to undo the work of art you have created on your face, there are two ways to do it:

  1. 💦 Water + scrub enough – a bit tedious but works everywhere… Eventually.
  2. 💄 Make-up remover – they are used for a reason. And even if make-up is not your thing, this time, they will come in very handy. They make the removal fast and clean. Also, it’s a good idea to buy the make-up remover BEFORE applying face paint… We tried the other way and looked silly while at it.

By the way, there are more ways to paint your face. We chose this one since it’s efficient and easy to remember. However, you can research further if you feel like it.

If you want to combine your painted face with some decent camo, you can read more about our 3 Tips on an Effective Ghillie Suit.

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