Airsoft Desert Eagle: Should you get one?

Airsoft Desert Eagle is fun to shoot, accurate, has unmatched recoils, and looks cool, but it’s a bit too big for most.

Mighty airsoft Deagle, pretty to look at? Or is it a good airsoft replica?

As many of you know, the desert eagle is a classic firearm of the silver screen with bad guys like Agent Smith from Matrix using it. But is it any good for you to fulfil your hopes of becoming the Agent Smith of your local field?

In our opinion, the answer would be yes, to an extent. The gun gets an accuracy boost by design because of its fixed barrel. Moreover, the recoil is a pleasure to experience, unusual for other gas pistols.

However, it’s not all good news with the Deagle. There are, unfortunately, issues – primarily because of its size and associated weight. The handgun is too massive to be comfortably carried as a secondary, hindering your movement abilities and making it a pain to holster it.

Is Desert Eagle the ideal backup to your rifle?

To be fair, most likely not. The airsoft Desert Eagle is not really an ideal sidearm. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a fun gun to play with, but as mentioned earlier, it’s not ideal for carrying the BIG IRON on your hip all day. But, on the other hand, you’re not Arizona Ranger anyway.

Desert Eagle compare to the NOVRITSCH SSP18

Should you get an airsoft Desert Eagle?

Airsoft Desert Eagle replicates its real counterpart well with realistic weight, full metal body and hefty recoil. It’s enjoyable to shoot, and its presence on the field always gets the attention of all the players around you. If you want the Desert Eagle as a showpiece for your airsoft collection, then you won’t be disappointed. See what Josef has to say about it:

There is also a video here for you from Josef with his thoughts about the Desert Eagle

The Deagle will be a conversation starter for sure, but if you’re looking for a dependable secondary replica that you can carry all day, this really isn’t it. Instead, we would recommend you go with SSP18 or any other of our SSP series. They are lighter, very accurate, and you won’t be damning yourself after a day on the field 😀. But you can read more about those in our other blog post. For instance, the development story of the Novritsch SSP2:

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