P90 Airsoft Gun: Should you get one?

As we all know, owning an AEG outside of the M4/AK category can get tricky. Spare part availability, magazine compatibility, accessory options… The more uncommon design, the deeper problems one tends to encounter. That’s why in this post, we’d like to take a look at the P90 platform and where it stands today!

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Is the P90 good as a platform?

The P90 as we said is very compact as you can see in the YouTube Video’s Thumbnail. There is no wasted space on the gun. Your hands end up right next to each other which is oddly comfortable. It’s also completely ambidextrous.

In general, a P90 is perfect for tight corners. To be honest, the P90 is basically unmatched in terms of compactness.

When it comes to airsoft though, the platform was partially forgotten – the design was old and you had to upgrade it right after the purchase to keep it up-to-date with current AEG standards. However, this has changed with the new designs hitting the market in 2021/2022.

Not to be only on the plus side though, there are also downsides to the platform. P90 is a bit specific and comes with angled grips. And currently, there aren’t many ways to adjust that. For many people, the general looks and the grip are the key reasons against a P90.

When considering the P90, it’s a good idea to try out whether the grip fits you comfortably.

The Unique Magazines

The Magazines are placed on top of the gun. This is definitely something most people aren’t used to as the vast majority of guns feed their ammo from the bottom.

This can be a bit more complicated than a button press and slamming a new mag in like on the common M4. However, from experience, it’s easy to learn. The airsoft mags hold from 100 rounds to 180 rounds.

Magazines touch on another partial drawback of the P90 platform. The magazines are specific in terms of dimensions, making it more difficult to holster them.

We at Novritsch tackled this issue by developing effective MOLLE pouches. If you consider the platform, make sure to check them out! 🙂

Range & Accuracy

The new P90 airsoft designs deliver on this topic. Especially with the Novritsch SSR90, that’s caused by two things:

  • Bullpup Design: this is an advantage coming with the platform. The inner barrel length is comparable with a 10-inch M4 replicas.
  • Precision parts: the new Novritsch design comes with upgrade parts that fit the platform. Maple Leaf bucking, TDC hop-up, Hi-Torque motor, etc.

As we’re talking airsoft, the SSR90 range and accuracy are comparable and actually superior to most stock airsoft replicas.

Accessorizing the P90

Unlike its predecessors, the current design actually does a pretty good job when it comes to accessory options out of the box.

  • Top Picatinny rail
  • Side MLOK rail
  • Thread for suppressors and tracers
  • QD mount for one-point slings

This gives you almost the same attachment options as the M4 platform, which is more than decent! The only difference is that you can’t really attach any grips. However, you can easily opt for 2 different loadout options: Minimalistic or fully tactical:

SSR90: Fully kitted vs. minimalistic

The decision is on every user. Features or maximum mobility. Judge for yourself… In any way, we strongly recommend grabbing a Red Dot if you consider the SSR90.


If you like the P90 platform, then now is the best time ever to grab one. The AEG version is reliable and comes with all the modern parts you’d expect. However, if you are just exploring possible CQB platforms, it would make sense to check if the grip fits you and if you’re okay with the specific magazines. Regardless, we find the platform amazing.


  • Famous, yet uncommon platform
  • Super compact
  • Finally comes with updated AEG parts
  • You can now get spare parts as well
  • A ton of accessory options


  • Specific grip – not for everyone
  • Design that not everyone likes
  • Magazines require different pouches
  • Not that many options on the market
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