So many sniper rifles to choose from, but which one is right for YOU?

When it comes to supreme accuracy and precision, you cannot go wrong with any of our sniper rifles.
But there are some substantial differences when it comes to looks, functionality and price.

SSG10 A1 – The Mother of all Sniper Rifles

Are you either a minimalist, purist or someone who likes the best bang for your buck?
The SSG10 in the A1 configuration might be exactly what you are looking for!

This version strips every feature that is not needed for a basic play-style.
While the simple looks might not be enough for everyone, the result is a rifle that is focused on pure functionality without sacrificing accuracy and precision.

SSG10 A2 – The “Sport” Package

But what if you want more than just a workhorse? Maybe you need the so-called “sport” package for your rifle.
Do not look further than the SSG10 A2.

The higher price tag is justified by the many external upgrades such as the heavy-duty tactical rifle stock, adjustable stock pad, enlarged bolt handle and more!
So if you usually go for the premium stuff, be it cars, watches or guns, the SSG10 in the A2 configuration might be just the right choice for you.
Just as the SSG10 A1, the A2 version has a “slider” hop-up adjustment system. This allows for quick and easy trajectory corrections during games.

SSG10 A3 – The Pinnacle of Efficiency

If for any reason you find the SSG10 A2’s design a bit bulky for your playstyle, you might want to consider the newest addition to our sniper rifle line-up: The SSG10 A3.

The SSG10 A3 variant

When designing the rifle, we aimed to provide all the possible features while having the package as small and lightweight as possible. When folded, the rifle’s length of 71 cm and weight of 2 kg makes it easy to transport.
However, that does not mean the rifle would miss any important feature or have a fragile finish. Nylon fibre reinforced stock, MLOK mounts on the side, RIS rails in the front, adjustable stock and cheek rest, QD mount points. You have it all.
Plus you can easily exchange the grip, making the SSG10 A3 one of the most ergonomic sniper rifles out there. Basically, if you are the one who appreciates a futuristic feature-packed design that allows for fast gameplay, the SSG10 A3 is the optimal tool for the job!

SSG96 – The Beauty and The Beast

So there you are, thinking about how to make your man-cave/living room prettier.
You think to yourself; “I can’t put my dirty, broken and ugly AEG on display, there must be something prettier…”

People say beauty is subjective, but I think we can all agree that the SSG96 is one of the prettiest rifles out here.
But unlike your pretty high-school crush, this reliable rifle will never disappoint you.
Durability, precision and supreme accuracy make this rifle stand out on the field.
Compared to other rifles, it’s not only prettier but also bigger and heavier at 3.2 kilograms.
Unlike other rifles, this one uses a TDC Hop-Up adjustment system. The only downside of this system is that you need to carry an Allen key if you want to adjust the hop-up on the go.
This problem is mitigated by the fact, that this adjustment system is not only extremely precise but also practically impossible to be misadjusted by accident.

So, what’s the Conclusion?

It all comes down to your playstyle and budget. Do you just want to get into Airsoft Sniping without spending a fortune on tuning parts? Get the SSG10 A1
Are you a player that values beauty equally as quality? Get the SSG96 or the SSG10 A2, whatever you prefer when it comes to looks.
Do you like to be always on the move while sniping? Get the SSG10 A3.
It doesn’t matter which rifle you choose, all of them will hit your target at a long distance every single time.

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