How to start Airsoft?

So, you watched a few Airsoft videos on YouTube and realized, that you just found your new hobby. “Okay, cool, but how do I even start with Airsoft?”, you ask yourself.

Every Airsoft player started his journey with some mistakes,
and since we made a lot of mistakes back in our days, we know a thing or two about getting into Airsoft. After all, people learn from mistakes most of the time. That’s why we as the Novritsch Team put our heads together and created the Start Airsoft Video Course

Airsoft Is Awesome

First of all, let’s quickly recap what makes Airsoft so special. We all either watched movies or played video games with guns. Some of us may have even shot real guns, but obviously, they are not legal everywhere. (and definitely not legal on an Airsoft field)

The feeling of having these three kilograms of steel and aluminium in your hands is just awesome. But what about the community, people, friends, and enemies you make on the field?

Imagine arriving at a Milsim with over 3000 players, all those different people, guns, and gear. Teams with their own logos, uniforms, and maybe even cars. It’s incredible.

Do not forget about your weekly game on the weekend. You will get to know people, recognize them every other game, and make new friends.
This is also a big part of what makes Airsoft so special.

Check The Law First

Do not forget to get to know your local laws before starting your journey.

Every country in this world has different laws and restrictions when it comes to Airsoft guns. On one hand, we have countries like Australia, where Airsoft guns are completely banned.

On the other hand, we have Austria, where the stance toward Airsoft guns is very liberal. So, check your local laws before you buy any gun. If Airsoft is legal in your country, make sure to check how much muzzle velocity is allowed and order accordingly.

Where to Play

Okay, when you know that you can play Airsoft legally, it’s time to look up fields. Do I run around in a random forest and shoot my friends? No, you don’t do that. (Unless you want to get in trouble)

If you already have a friend that plays Airsoft, go ahead and ask him for guidance. Don’t forget to ask him to borrow some gear and a gun. This way you can make sure that you really want to start this hobby without having to buy anything yet. See if you like it first.

Check the internet for any Airsoft or Paintball fields near your area. You can also visit Facebook Groups or Airsoft-related forums and find some game organizers or advice if needed. If there is an airsoft shop in your area, ask the employees whether they know some nearby fields to play in.

Make sure you don’t need to travel for hours before deciding to start playing Airsoft.

Oh, one more thing. Do not be scared to show up on the field out of nowhere. It’s not a big deal and everyone will be more than happy to introduce you to the sport! If you don’t have any proper gear, nobody will bat an eye about someone not having a full-blown Call of Duty super duper operator loadout. In fact, some experienced players prefer to wear “normal” clothes on some Airsoft fields. (some of them even wear stupid costumes, but you’ll see for yourself sooner or later)

The First Time is Often Disappointing (smirk)

The thing is you will get hit more often than you hit someone, it’s a fact. But what makes Airsoft so exciting is your progress. After a few games, you start aiming better, you know where to take cover and how to peek corners properly.

🤵🏻‍♂️ Do not expect to be the equivalent of John Wick at your first game.

Trust us when we tell you that after some games, you will improve and so will your time on the field. That being said, never go to a game with the goal of having as many “kills” as possible. Just have fun, goof around with friends and enjoy yourself. After all, you will never be John Wick.

In General, there are Two Types of Airsoft Games

First of all, your average Sunday skirmish.
Here you play a variety of smaller games, such as the popular capture the flag, team deathmatch, and other games you may know from videogames.
Games can last from 10 minutes to a few hours, depending on the field, but in general, you play the whole day and that’s it. Since there are a lot of players in one small area, it’s almost guaranteed you will have a lot of action.

On the other hand, we have the Milsim games.

Milsim is short for Military Simulation and this is where it gets interesting.
Some organizers require you to wear specific uniforms and gear, some organizers don’t. But what connects all Milsims is that there is a storyline and a lot of players. A LOT.

We’re talking up to a few thousand per game. You have so many different teams, guns, and even vehicles used in games. Some organizers even manage to get helicopters and other unconventional vehicles.

These games last longer compared to your average Sunday skirmish. The most hardcore Milsims go on for a couple of days non-stop, but on average, a Milsim lasts one or two days.

Your Journey Starts Now

So if you just want to get to know some stuff about Airsoft, we suggest you start with the Start Airsoft academy course, as well as a few smaller games. If you like it, you can later try some bigger Milsim games. Both game types have their pros and cons. But that’s a topic for another time.

You need to decide if you like to play regularly. Remember, that this is a pretty cool way to stay fit, as there is a lot of movement involved! Also, new friends and adventures are waiting on the field!

Now that we clarified most of the questions for new players, it’s time to start talking and thinking about gear and how to get it the proper way. If you already have an idea, make sure to head over to our shop to check out the more quality items.

If you’re unsure about what to buy or what to run, the Start Airsoft Academy will help you out:

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