Airsoft Gun Batteries in 2023- UPDATED Guide

Getting the right battery for your AEG can have a huge impact on the experience. This guide will help you navigate the various types of Airsoft Gun Batteries and how to get the most out of them.


What Airsoft Gun Battery to use (LiPo/NiMH)
How to read LiPo battery parameters
Are LiPos reusable?

What Airsoft Gun Battery type to use (LiPo/NiMH)?

There are still two battery standards in existence: the newer LiPo batteries and the older NiMH batteries.

Here, the decision process is straightforward as LiPos are superior in almost all aspects. They’re smaller and lighter at the same capacity, lowering the weight of your airsoft weapon. This also allows them to fit in tighter battery compartments.

A new LiPo battery does not need to be cycled, and it will not lose its capacity. LiPo batteries will last longer and allow for a faster fire rate thanks to a greater discharge voltage.

LiPo drawback: Usage with older airsoft guns

A MOSFET is strongly suggested if you plan to use a LiPo battery with your AEG for an extended period. It’s worth noting that higher-end guns now come with MOSFETS preinstalled. If you want to use an older/cheaper AEG with LiPo batteries, you risk burning out the trigger contacts if you don’t add a MOSFET. Please keep this in mind.

Also, using LiPos shouldn’t be discharged beyond 10 % of full capacity as that’s not really safe. More on LiPo safety can be found on this page.

Reading Airsoft Gun Battery parameters

  1. Capacity
  2. Voltage
  3. Number of cells
  4. Physical properties
  5. Discharge
A 3S 11,1 V LiPo, 2 600 mAh, Nunchuck variant

Capacity [stated in mAh]

With capacity, the basic logic is very simple: the more mAh you have, the better. The amount you’ll need depends on the way you shoot. When going full-auto most of the time, you should have at least 2 000 mAh worth of battery capacity at your disposal for a day of airsoft.

If you prefer semi-auto action, then you might get away with 1 000 mAh per airsoft day. Regardless, it’s always good to have more capacity than you’ll need in the most demanding scenario.

Voltage [V]

Most of the time, the voltages of airsoft batteries range from 7,4 to 11,1 Volts. The battery’s voltage determines how quickly the battery can spin the motor. The higher the battery’s voltage, the higher the number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

For guns under 1 Joule in muzzle energy, we recommend using 7,4 V. For others, 11,1 V will suit you better.

Number of cells [1S – 3S]

This property expands on Voltage. The more cells you have, the greater the voltage. The common LiPo voltage is around 3,7 volts per cell, meaning a 7,4 V battery will have 2 cells (2S), whereas an 11,1 V battery will have 3S.

For most airsofters, this property only influences the way you charge the battery. With the most airsoft gun batteries being either 2S or 3S, you need to plug the charging connector (white one) in the proper socket. Nothing too difficult.

Physical properties [cm/inch]

Physical properties mean the actual size of a battery. When buying a battery for your specific replica, make sure it fits inside it, as this ensures maximal safety.

The best way to ensure this is to measure a battery that fits and matches the dimensions to the one you buy. Also, make sure to leave some space for cables going in & out from the battery.

The SSR15 Battery compartment

There are two major physical setups: nunchuck and stick. Nunchuck batteries are great for AR-15 type replicas with a split battery fitting perfectly in the buttstock. The stick battery, on the other hand, is quite universal.

With Novritsch guns such as the SSR15 Automatic Electric Gun, you will always be instructed on which battery will fit your airsoft gun – no need to worry.

Discharge [C]

The C amount stated with a battery (regularly 20C or 30C) means the maximum, safe, continuous discharge rate of your airsoft gun battery. For example, a 20C battery can continuously be discharged at 20 times the pack’s capacity.


The last thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a LiPo is the connectors. For most modern-day replicas, you already have an improved T-Dean connector preinstalled. This also goes for Novritsch AEGs, such as the SSR15 and SSR90. The easiest is to stick with these connectors.

The modern T-Dean connector

However, with older guns, a different standard (a small Tamiya connector) was very widespread. We strongly advise against these old connectors as they are tied to larger losses and resistance.

When buying new batteries, make sure these connectors match your gun.

Can I reuse these batteries?

You can charge and reuse batteries; in the video below, Josef demonstrates how to use them securely and correctly.

It’s pretty simple to operate; when you plug in your battery, the LEDs light up to show the state of each cell. The LEDs will turn green when the cells are fully charged and balanced.

If you’ve made it this far, we recommend that you browse our shop for Airsoft guns and LiPo batteries that suit your playing style.

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