What is a MOSFET?

A MOSFET is an electronic part that sits in an AEG. It boosts the rate of fire and improves trigger response.

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What does a MOSFET do?

A MOSFET will prolong the longevity of an AEG before maintenance will be required. Higher quality guns now come with these pre-installed like the SSR15 & SSR90. Some entry-level guns are now having them too. You can even get the MOSFET with some quality AEPs like the Novritsch SSE18 as well.

An advanced MOSFET variant, the ECU, is installed in the Gearbox of the NOVRITSCH SSR15.

How does it work?

MOSFETs lower the voltage running through the trigger components to prevent them from burning out. This overall more effective connection helps with fire rate and trigger response.

A MOSFET has a different wiring diagram then the basic trigger contacts seen in older guns. Some guns will have extra wires wiring things around different ways. Other MOSFETS have the extra wires hidden on a circuit board-these will have wires going through the internals normally.

Will any MOSFET Work?

Not any MOSFET will work. If you are a maker, into electrical technology or electrical engineering, you may have heard of MOSFETs before. However, even if you are an amateur electrician, it’s not recommended to make your own MOSFET.

Is an Electronic Trigger Unit the same?

Some people call another device called an ETU a MOSFET. ETU or Electronic Trigger Units have a MOSFET built-in, but these are computerized & more advanced. To learn about ETU, you can read our other dictionary entry!

Do I Need One?

It is highly recommended to have a MOSFET in your gun if you plan to use it long term. Note that higher quality guns are now coming with MOSFETS already preinstalled. If you plan to use an AEG with LiPo batteries, there is a risk that you will burn off your trigger contacts without a MOSFET installed. Bear that in mind.

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