How to use Green Gas & CO2?

Green Gas & CO2 are gasses that can power some airsoft guns. They need to be filled in them. Guns also need to be lubed.

What is Green Gas?

For an in-depth explanation, we have a dedicated article here. For those wanting a simple explanation, it’s a pressurized gas with oil in it. Shops sell it in Gas bottles as seen above.

How do I fill Green Gas?

Most Green Gas is filled into the magazine. Hold the magazine so the fill valve is pointing up & turn the bottle upside down. Push the fill nozzle of the bottle into the fill valve of the magazine.

Watch this video for a demonstration:

What is CO2?

CO2 is another compressed gas. It’s the same stuff you exhale when you breathe, just a lot of it. Unfortunately, you can’t exhale into your gun to get it to work effectively.

CO2 for airsoft guns is bought in cartridge form. CO2 cartridges come in a few sizes, but airsoft has standardized on the 12 Gram CO2 cartridge. This is what they look like:

How to load a CO2 cartridge?

First you need to open the CO2 chamber by unscrewing it. Next, you need to see where the puncture needle is. Wherever the puncture needle is, that’s where the skinny tip goes. Some guns will have a manual or picture of how to orient the cartridge. Always follow the manual or image if they have one.

Should it be Maintained?

In the long run, yes. You don’t have to clean them every time like real guns since airsoft doesn’t leave carbon all over.

However, you should put some silicone oil on the O-Rings to make sure they’re oiled. Dry O-Rings will crack & wear out, thereby needing to be replaced.

Maintenance kit is great for all the maintenance needs.
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