Airsoft Guns vs BB Guns – The DIFFERENCE

Airsoft gun and BB gun – is there even a difference? Definitely YES.

⚪️ Unlike airsoft guns, BB Guns aredangerouswhen used against people. This makes them suitable for target shooting and pest control.

Airsoft gun (left) vs a BB gun (right) – They do look the same while being different.

What is the difference between the two?

A notable difference is in the muzzle energy. In plain, that means how much damage can each of the guns do. Most airsoft guns come with roughly 1 or 2 Joules worth of muzzle energy (talking about factory-new guns). On the contrary, BB guns can easily exceed 15 Joules.

The reason is that despite of BB guns often using the same power source usable with airsoft guns, being the 12g CO2 cartridge, a BB gun uses smaller and heavier pellets. Thesesteel rounds carry greater energy and are, therefore, prone to hurting someone.

Airsoft or BB gun for a child?

For us, the much greater safety that’s connected to airsoft gun usage is a deciding factor why we believe airsoft guns are more suitable to be used by children.

For example: the SSE18 airsoft electric pistol has 30 times less muzzle energy than a BB gun. This means that even if kids shoot themselves, a small bruise is about the worst that can happen if proper eye and face protection is involved.

Moreover, if more kids buy airsoft guns, they can participate in games and use these guns in a way that would not be possible with BB guns. On the other hand, if the intention is solely on target practice (or maybe pest control), BB guns offer greater range and pack a bigger punch.

A child shouldn’t be using neither of those guns unsupervised. But since we don’t live in a fantasy world, we put extra emphasis on safety. Eye protection should be used at all times when handling these guns.

More on airsoft safety can be found here:

Can airsoft pellets be used in BB guns?


These guns run different barrel diameters, meaning the airsoft pellet wouldn’t fit in the barrel of a BB gun. Using the same logic, the BB gun pellet would be too small for usage with an airsoft gun.

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