What is GREEN GAS in Airsoft?

What is Green Gas?

Green Gas is a pressurized propellent used to power Gas Powered Airsoft Replicas. It consists of Propane mixed with Silicone Oil.

What is it? What is it used for?

Airsoft Green Gas is a propellent for many airsoft replicas. Some airsoft replicas are gas-powered. This doesn’t mean you put the same gas in the gun as you put into your car. Gas-powered Airsoft replicas also DON’T burn the gas-they simply allow the pressure to operate the mechanics.

Green Gas is the most popular airsoft gas in the world. Green Gas is a pressurized propellant with Silicone Oil in it. One of the benefits of using Green Gas is that it lubricates the parts as you play. In contrast to real steel, Airsoft doesn’t have carbon build-up to rust. You almost never need to maintain a gas-powered airsoft replica.

Is there another Green Gas?

There are alternatives to Green Gas! Green Gas is a middle of the road gas. If you’re in an especially hot area or using a plastic Gas powered replica, you may want to use Blue Gas. Blue Gas is a low-pressure gas.

Red Gas & Black Gas are high-pressure alternatives to Green Gas. As Silicone Oil is the only oil recommended for airsoft replicas, you don’t have to worry about what oil is inside the gas you got. All 4 gasses are lubricated with Silicone Oil.

In extremely cold environments, you will want to switch over to Red Gas or Black Gas. These gasses are higher pressure, with Black being the highest pressure gas.

The SSX23 is a Green Gas powered pistol

Which Gas should I get? This is confusing!!!

Don’t fret. Green Gas is the most popular because it’s the best option for most people. If you’re getting overwhelmed with what to choose, get a few cans of Green Gas.

If you’re a more advanced player or want to use your gas guns in the winter, get a bottle of Red Gas.

If you live in a place that gets extremely cold, get some Black Gas.

If you live in a really hot country, or your replica is made out of plastic, get Blue Gas.

Can the different pressures increase the FPS?

Yes! Higher pressure gasses will increase the FPS, and lower pressures will decrease the FPS. Without needing to tech your replica or tune it, you can get some different gasses & see which gives you the FPS you want out of your replica.

Blue gas is the lowest pressure & will give you the lowest FPS. This is best for close quarters.

Green Gas is the medium pressure. This will give you the expected FPS as this is what most people use.

Red Gas holds more pressure. Have a little space between your Green Gas FPS & the next FPS bracket? Try a Red Gas to get some extra performance.

Black Gas is the most powerful. Make sure it’s not too hot out when you bring this gas with you.

If you use Red or Black Gas, make sure your replica can handle the extra pressure, or it can damage the internals.


We learned all about Green Gas. Green Gas is a popular propellant for gas-powered replicas. There are alternatives, to Green Gas, but if you’re paralyzed by choice, stick with Green Gas unless you have a problem.

If your gun’s performance suffers in the winter, get a higher pressure gas. If you live in a really hot country, get some Blue Gas. If you want an FPS difference, you can increase or decrease the pressure as you see fit.

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