What is an Airsoft Gun? Explained SIMPLY

An airsoft gun is a firearm replica that uses compressed air to shoot little plastic pellets called BBs.

Are Airsoft Guns Toys?

You can get hurt even though these aren’t real guns. However, you can’t kill anyone with an airsoft gun. When used by kids, airsoft guns require adult supervision. Wearing eye protection is a must! here! In any case, airsoft guns are designed to be shot at people.

What kinds of Airsoft Guns are there?

There are several types of airsoft guns. The type of airsoft gun is characterized by how it works on the inside.

A spring-powered sniper rifle – The NOVRITSCH SSG10 A3. These guns are extremely reliable.

The simplest are Spring-powered airsoft replicas which have a spring that gets pulled back by the user every time you want to shoot. This is similar to a pump shotgun you’ve seen in every zombie movie.

An Airsoft Electric Rifle – The NOVRITSCH SSR4 is a gun that will support all situations.

There are also electric airsoft guns called AEGs or Automatic Electric Guns. These have a motor inside the gun to pull the spring back for the user. This allows you to shoot 1 BB every time you pull the trigger, called Semi-Auto; or you can shoot BBs until you let go of the trigger, called Full-Auto.

The NOVRITSCH SSX303 is a lightweight DMR platform powered by Green Gas. Precision out of the box.

There are also some gas-powered guns, but these don’t run on car gas. They run on low-pressure Green Gas or CO2. Commonly, you take a bottle of Green Gas and use it to fill a magazine. Then when you pull the trigger, it will let some gas out to push the bb.

Finally, there are HPA guns that run on high-pressure air like a paintball air tank. These work similarly to gas-powered guns except that they have a hose going from the gun to the air tank, which is commonly stored in a backpack the user wears.

Airsoft Gun: Common Bestsellers

What do they shoot?

Commonly we say they shoot plastic 6mm BBs. Nowadays, you can still buy plastic BBs, but since every outdoor field requires biodegradable BBs, most ammo is Biodegradable. Bags or bottles of ammo will make it very clear if they are Biodegradable so outdoor players buy that bag.

Why do they look real?

Airsoft started as a military training tool. A military can practice battles very cheaply by using a replica of their real guns and shooting ammo that costs much less than real bullets. Additionally, soldiers won’t get hurt or killed when using airsoft guns.

Why would someone want a realistic replica?

Airsoft offers the look & feel of real guns without any of the danger.

People collect airsoft guns for many reasons, such as follows:

  • Real Guns are illegal in their country.
  • Owning a real gun is disturbing to them, but they still want to shoot.
  • Airsoft guns are often cheaper than real guns.
  • The real gun is incredibly rare.
  • People want to practice using a gun without the danger of using a real one.
  • Who knows? There’s unlimited reasons to want one.

What if you want to try airsoft?

Go and try it! It’s a hobby unlike many others. To help you start, we have created this free Start Airsoft Academy by NOVRITSCH:

What if you find an airsoft gun?

No matter how real or fake an airsoft gun appears, always treat it as if it were real. If a police officer sees you with one, follow his directions & put the replica on the ground when he tells you to.

Some countries have laws to help distinguish them, but from a distance they always look real. In the US, the tip is Orange, in Canada, they have to be transparent, in Portugal they need yellow paint on them.

What’re the Most Common Airsoft Guns?

The most common airsoft guns are:

  • Electronic M4s and AKs
  • Spring-powered bolt action sniper rifles
  • Gas powered Glocks and 1911s
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