KreuzOtter: Best airsoft camouflage?

A camouflage pattern serves a simple purpose – it should make you invisible regardless of what you do. Knowing this, armies have designed a lot of camouflages. But what about airsoft?

Developing a camouflage meant for airsoft has some specifics. The most important being:

Airsoft-specific camouflage should conceal you well in your environment while not being connected to any active military.

The reason is simple: you can go anywhere and play any team. Thus, there is no “good guy in a bad team” problem.

Introducing KreuzOtter

KreuzOtter, roughly translated into English as Viper camouflage, is a new camo pattern explicitly made for airsoft by the Novritsch Textile department.

It combines the best in camouflage with a lot of airsoft experience:

  • A modern disruptive effects combined with actual vegetation used for the pattern
  • Most common europian nature colors
  • No black parts as it’s unnatural
  • Brown and green to disrupt the form of the wearer
  • No political connection. Pure airsoft.
  • Works when still or on the move
KreuzOtter Camo Pattern as worn by Josef

How was it developed?

We choose the classic Vietnam era tigerstripe pattern. It’s one of the most known camos that confuses the human eye. It’s also not used by any military.

The old, original pattern had 4 colors, one of which was black. We had to fix that as black is not a natural color. So instead, the pattern got new colors that resemble a natural approach.

Brown stripes are actually vectorized tree bark from pictures we have taken. The background layer was done by macro photos of leaves, where we zoomed the leaf veins and vectorized those so that both levels have different natural vegetation included.

In a world where every 2nd pattern now is pixelized (Digi-camos), we wanted to make our pattern look more authentic by choosing actual vegetation without looking too much like a “Realtree “or hunter camo pattern. In addition, it had to have military vibes.

We decided to exclude black on purpose so that only the contrast between brown and green will disrupt the form of the wearer.

Conclusion: KreuzOtter – Yes or No?

As with all camouflages, KreuzOtter is not an Invisibility cloak. It won’t conceal you everywhere. It is made for European Airsoft fields & Woodlands. However, it will disrupt your form. And the extra second this often buys you is all it takes.

If you play in woodland areas similar to those in Europe, this modern camouflage will cover you up while standing out amongst those Multicams. For us, that is a Yes… If it weren’t, we wouldn’t develop it. 🙂

What do you think? Do you like it?

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