11 THINGS not to forget the night before an Airsoft Game.

Excited for tomorrow’s game? That’s a good moment to ensure you are all set. Here are 11 valuable airsoft tips on what you can do the night before to prevent missing important info or gear for your game day.

💡 Simplify and streamline your game prep, especially for all the essentials (gloves, eyepro, guns, batteries).

1. Read and Understand the Local Rules

One of the most critical aspects of pre-game preparation is reading and understanding the game rules. While players are usually briefed on the spot, not everyone pays close attention or can hear the briefing amid all the chatter. Head on-line the day before and see if your field has the rules on the web. Give them a read – it will make it easier for you the next day.

For example, not knowing about the existence of a medic in the game can cost your team valuable time, or failing to adhere to no-shooting-through-cracks rules can lead to unnecessary arguments.

2. Check Your Airsoft Gun

While obvious to veterans, it’s surprising how often players are seen on the field struggling with non-working replicas just before the game starts. That’s why you should take the time the day before the game to inspect your airsoft replica. Here is a simplified check-list that you can use:

Electric (AEG)

  • Battery charged
  • Barrel clean
  • Magazines feeding
  • Gun fires

If possible

  • Hop-Up adjusted
  • FPS within limits

Gas (GBBR/Pistol)

  • Optimal gas for tomorrow’s temperature
  • Barrel clean
  • Slide/Bolt clean
  • Magazines do not leak + feed well
  • Gun cycles properly

If possible

  • NPAS adjusted/FPS OK
  • Hop-Up adjusted

Spring Sniper

  • Barrel clean
  • Magazines feeding
  • Scope is well aligned
  • Gun fires

If possible

  • Hop-Up adjusted
  • FPS within limits

3. Red Dot Battery Check and Backup

Avoid the frustration of arriving at the field only to discover your red dot sight won’t turn on because you forgot to turn it off after the last game.

Moreover, ensure you have spare batteries in your gear bag or car at all times. You may triple-check everything the night before and still have a dead battery the next day.

Check that the battery works and the Red Dot is turned off. Always have spare batteries! 🔴

4. Load Your Magazines

To prevent last-minute hassles, load all your airsoft magazines with BBs the day before the game. While at it, you can test them as mentioned earlier. If you use gas blowback (GBB) replicas, fill up the gas so you can check for any magazine leaks and address them before game day.

Don’t worry; having the BBs in them for a night will not have a tangible impact on your magazine spring.

5. Charge Your Battery

Ensure your airsoft gun’s battery is fully charged the day before your game. This is especially crucial if your gun has been lying around for an extended period, as batteries tend to lose charge over time. In colder weather, bring a spare battery as they tend to discharge faster in low temperatures.

There are also handy battery checkers available. If you want to learn all about LiPos, check the video:

6. Prepare Food and Water

Pack snacks, water, and a sandwich for game day. Staying energized and hydrated is vital to keep you focused on the action and prevent hunger or thirst from becoming distractions. It’s a good practice to bring your own supplies, so you don’t have to rely on others.

7. Check Your Gear (don’t forget gloves)

Just because you think you have it doesn’t mean you actually do have it. Follow this rule. After you have packed everything, get to your gear bag and start visualizing.

Go from the bottom with your shoes, trousers, knee pads, belt, sidearm, and magazines, and work your way up to the head, including mouth guard, glasses, headset, and helmet. This simple practice can help you identify missing items and won’t take much time.

Also, a pro tip. There are two gloves in a pair. Don’t ask us why we point that out…

8. Weather and Clothing

If you don’t underestimate this point, you can play airsoft any day of the year.

Pay close attention to the weather forecast, especially if you use gas-powered airsoft guns and play on an outside field. Weather conditions can impact both your gun’s performance and your personal comfort. Be prepared to adjust your clothing accordingly to stay comfortable throughout the game. Packing a poncho, just in case, might be a good idea.

If you need to know more about airsoft gas in different temperatures, you can either check recommendations on our Airsoft Gas product page, or simply read more about Green Gas in general:

9. Charge and Check Your Radio

Effective communication with your team is crucial for coordination. We wrote about that in our other post about Airsoft Tactics. The day before the game, charge and check your radio, including the cables and push-to-talk (PTT) button. Ensure your team is on the same radio frequency to avoid time-consuming radio checks in the safe zone.

10. Get Adequate Rest

Avoid late-night partying the day before the game. While it can be tempting to have “just one” beer, a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining focus and peak physical performance during the game. Rest well to ensure you’re at your best:

Here are some of the benefits if you don’t believe us…

Also, a quick tip if you are out drinking. Set a cut-off time on your last drink and add it as a reminder on your phone. This way, you are reminded when to stop it, even if the party makes you lose track of time.

11. Test Any Gear Changes

If you’ve made ANY changes to your gear, such as adding a sling strap to your plate carrier, test it before the game. Ensure that the change is comfortable and functional to prevent any surprises on the field. This principle applies to any gear modifications, from pouch placements on your belt to clothing changes.

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