AEG – Automatic Electric Gun

What is an AEG?

AEG is an Automatic Electric Gun – a gun that uses electricity to fire BBs. It is the most common type of airsoft replicas.

The basics of what you need to know about AEGs

AEG stands for Automatic Electric Gun, but everyone calls it an “Ay EE Gee.” AEGs are very simple, reliable & easy to use. If you know how to get a smartphone to work, you know how to get an AEG to work. Simply charge the battery, plug it in & put it into the fire mode you want.

AEGs just work. All the moving parts are on the inside & it’s very difficult to break a good one unless you do something you know you shouldn’t – like smashing it.

With modern parts, standards & manufacturing techniques, AEGs have become very reliable. For about $550, you can get a top of the line, fully upgraded AEG. Considering starter guns are about half of that price, AEGs are a great way to go! The majority of airsofters use these.

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I want to know more technical stuff about AEGs

AEGs are battery-powered devices that have a motor & a gearbox. The most common gun – The M4-uses a “Version 2” gearbox. Most beginners start with NIMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries. Advanced players that get high-end guns use Lithium Batteries. Lithium Polymer is the most popular Lithium battery today.

When you pull the trigger, either trigger contacts or a tiny computer called a MOSFET will power a high torque motor to spin some gears. These gears are located inside the Gearbox. When the gears spin, they pull on a piston that has teeth on it. As the piston retracts, a high powered spring compresses and builds up energy. When the gears finish pushing the last tooth on the piston, the spring will push the piston back. As the piston has an O-Ring on it, air pressure will build up inside of the Cylinder (where the piston is located) to focus air down the barrel of the gun. This air will float the BB inside your gun out the barrel & through the air to your target.

Gif of a Gearbox operating. CC License:

Most AEG guns have 2 fire modes. Semi-automatic means that one trigger pull will fire one BB. Automatic means that the gun will continue to shoot until you let go of the trigger. If you’re a concerned parent or have young children in the house, simply unplug the battery. Remember, the gun is electric & will not work without power, no matter how hard you pull the trigger.


The AEG is a popular gun for a reason. We explored why 90% of players are using AEGs. The simplicity of operation, low cost, & high performance make AEGs an appealing option. The ability to simply pull the trigger over & over with the gun just working makes this a phenomenal option for the beginner & advanced player.

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