3 TIPS on an EFFECTIVE Ghillie Suit

How to truly disappear in the nature? With a GHILLIE SUIT! We have 3 tips on how to make/get an effective one.

Ghillies can get highly effective when it comes to camouflage in nature. However, not all Ghillies are created equal, as we learned while developing our Novritsch Ghillie Suit. There are 3 things/tips you should follow when choosing:

  1. Durability – correct material selection
  2. Camouflage pattern – quality of the Ghillie camo base
  3. Adjustments – How easy it is to add extra stuff for the given environment.

1. Durability

No one wants the suit to tear apart after the first game begins. However, be aware that a super-strong material can also represent a trade-off, as these tend to be heavier and in some cases even louder when moving, due to the materials being used.

Get a Ghillie that has a mesh base with Nylon foliage.

From our experience, a mesh base is a must for every ghillie suit. It presents the Ghillie pattern nicely while giving you breathability. However, we don’t really recommend going for a Ghillie with a stiff fabric as you will find yourself boiling in it.

When it comes to the base foliage, it should definitely be 2 things. Firstly, it should have irregular cut 3D leaves to break up the pattern. Secondly, it should be durable enough, as these leaves tend to rip apart. For our Ghillie suit, we use Nylon material.

2. Camouflage pattern

The pattern is essential for any Ghillie. If you pick the wrong one, you will have a hard time attaching local vegetation to it – and it’s just not going to be perfect.

We recommend you take a picture of places where you intend to use the Ghillie and compare it with possible pattern variants. If you can, going around the place in person and taking a look at the vegetation is also very beneficial.

In general, you should pick the most similar Ghillie. Just bear in mind that the colors change during the year – that is why you will have to adapt it using local foliage.

Take a photo of the environment and find a similar pattern.

The right pick saves you a lot of hassle. When we developed our own pattern – Amber – we overcame many obstacles, resulting in an interesting blog post about this specific Ghillie.

Different pattern variants were considered for our Amber Ghillie.

3. Adjustments

As mentioned earlier, to make the most out of the Ghillie, it is strongly recommended to add extra Raffia and leaves based on the current outlook of the place you use your Ghillie in.

Before even getting a Ghillie Suit, make sure that the one you pick can easily attach these without too many extra troubles.

Get a Ghillie that allows you to easily attach extra camo.

There are many options on what to attach to your Ghillie. You can find some branches and leaves in the place where you want to camouflage. Alternatively, you can add other artificial camouflage (fishers net, 3D Leaves, burlap, jute), as well as natural camo materials (Raffia).

Our Head of Textile Development, Dag, has prepared an advanced guide on a possible Ghillie crafting:

The important thing to remember is that you will have to change this every now and then to reflect the changes in the environment (for instance, Summer vs Autumn, etc.).

Overall, preparing a perfect Ghillie is not that easy. Regardless, it is definitely very satisfying. You can become virtually invisible when you do it right, which might come in handy.

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