6 Tips for the DMR Role in Airsoft!

The DMR Role is a great medium between Rifleman and Sniper, that is severely underplayed. Today, we’re going to talk about how to play the DMR role using the SSX303 Stealth Rifle. These 6 tips will mostly work for any DMR, but today, we’re going to use the SSX303 for context.

The DMR is a long-range, accurate Semi-Automatic airsoft replica. This allows the DMR to be a part-time sniper rifle. The DMR’s semi-auto capability allows it to partially fulfill the rifleman role as well – so you get the best out of both worlds.

Tip 1: Go with a scope!

From our experience, you should definitely run a scope for the DMR, unless you plan to go CQB. This is where the 1-4x Variable Scope comes into play as in most cases, you do not need greater magnification for airsoft.

When engaging in towns & clearing buildings, you can keep your scope on the 1x setting. This allows you to quickly respond and maintain mobility. When you move out in the fields, however, the frontline may get obfuscated. That is where the 4x zoom gets really handy. It allows you to set up a position, observe the situation and avoid friendly fire as you’ll be able to tell your teammates apart.

With the scoped zoomed in, you can also outfire most riflemen in terms of range.

Tip 2: Try Flanking a lot

Flanking is a great way to gain the upper hand for your team. Fighting on two fronts is always harder than fighting on one front, regardless of whether it’s the front and the side or the front and your rear.

To accomplish an effective flanking manoeuvre, you have to be patient & ready to play the long game. Taking the long road, and the unpleasant path will pay off if you’re patient. Try it out, you will find out that this is a strategy worth the hassle.

Lots of players really don’t want to go all the way around the field, nor go trekking through the forest. This usually makes these areas uninhabited and unguarded. By the way, this is where the SSX303 DMR shines when compared to sniper rifles. The reason is simple – it’s much lighter. That is helpful when you need to walk a lot…

When flanking, there is one key thing to remember: try to stay silent. Do not go crazy on shooting and keep the low profile for as long as it’s possible. To achieve “invisibility”, it is a good idea to reduce noise coming out of your DMR.

This is where most AEG DMR builds suffer – there are many moving parts that inevitably make a mess. This can be solved by advanced teching, adding sorbopads, etc. Of course, gas has some issues of its own (temperature dependency) but that is a story for another day as these generally do not affect stealth gameplay. For GAS rifles, getting a suppressor solves most of the issues. Just do not forget to pick one with foam inside… That should make you silent enough. You can find some decent Suppressors in our shop.

Tip 3: Use a sidearm that supports your playstyle

Videogame rule number 1: “Taking out your sidearm is always faster than reloading!” This is especially true with DMRs where ammo is limited and muzzle energy can be too strong for CQB. That is why getting the right sidearm is essential. We have made a whole blog post about this decision process. Long story short, for the DMR setup, a silent pistol is generally a good call.

This is due to the fact that in most engagements as a DMR player, you will most likely be the first one to spot enemies when positioned right. To use this advantage, a subtle approach is bound to outperform loud sidearms. For this exact playstyle, we have designed the SSX23.

This pistol is our go-to solution. The Non-blowback system is silent, reliable and more gas-efficient. When combined with the SSX303, you get one extra perk: interchangeable magazines. This is the ultimate setup because you only need one type of spare magazine, one type of pouch and one holster. It is staying true to the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep it simple & stupid

Tip 4: Coordinate with your Team

With a DMR, you will have a longer effective range between your higher power and scope. This greater power gives you a great opportunity to fulfill a support role.

In a support role such as a Designated Marksman, you can sit back, analyze the situation, give intel and assist your team in a way that riflemen cannot. This is very similar to regular sniper gameplay, however, the DMR makes you more interconnected with your team as you have a more versatile role.

This playstyle is great when assaulting buildings. The DMR will move off to the flank, provide suppressing and fire and hopefully eliminate key targets like machine gunners. You can improve the strategy if your team uses a radio connection to pass strategic information.

As the building is weakened, the riflemen can move up inside while still supported by the suppression provided by the DMR player. If the situation worsens, the DMR player can easily move into the building and help fellow teammates.

Tip 5: Fight Snipers as a Designated Marksman

Snipers usually dominate the precision & long-range aspects of airsoft. This mix makes it very hard for the majority of AEG players to tackle the threat they present. With the DMR, however, you should definitely take on the challenge.

The bit you lack when it comes to the range can easily be replaced with firepower and mobility. With precision, you can mostly compete with regular sniper rifles out there. Check out our range test where we consistently hit head-sized targets at more than 40 meters.

But what to do when you find yourself being engaged by a sniper? Falling back pays off the most. Because DMR guns are more manoeuvrable, you can reposition yourself a lot easier than a sniper can.

After falling back, re-assess the environment. Snipers excel in open fields & long-range environments. See if you can find a path with lots of covers. If you can close the distance, your semi-automatic SSX303 will be a lot more effective than his bolt action.

Closing the distance will make the sniper very uncomfortable. You will either have the advantage & be able to take him out, or he will fall back and give you more territory to win the game.

Tip 6: Those little things that make the difference

As you are most likely aware now, the sharpshooter that is always on the move wins most engagements. If you take a look at this gameplay, you can see the exact approach. Kickingmustang is constantly on the move, trying new angles, new ways, getting the surprise element on his side. Thumbs up for this gameplay!

As a Non-Blowback rifle, the SSX303 comes with a two-phase trigger. Use this to your advantage to pre-cock the rifle. It makes your response time a bit quicker which may very well be the deciding difference.

Talking about the SSX303, we definitely recommend using it with a single-point QD sling. With the QD mount that is already on the rifle, you can make very easy transitions between your primary and secondary airsoft gun. This will help you with mobility and versatility.

Another small hint that you do not want to learn the hard way is to make sure you have enough magazines. Especially if you are accustomed to airsoft sniping. All the follow-up shots make the DMRs much more BB-thirsty than their bolt-action counterparts. Bare that in mind…

While having a full-on plate carrier is very ergonomic for something like an M4, setting up your gear for a lightweight DMR like the SSX303 might be a bit tricky. Make sure to choose a gear base that will suit you well. You want to retain that manoeuvrability while carrying all the stuff you need. We usually use a battlebelt and harness would work great, but the Minimal Chest Rig might also be a great idea.


There’s a lot to know about this seldom played role. While being a bit more challenging than playing as a regular rifleman, it offers many rewards in its unique playstyle. With this role, specialized gear will enhance the playing experience.

Variable scopes, radios and the SSX23 compliment the SSX303 in the DMR role perfectly. Silencers and Chest Rigs step your game up just a little further. Staying always on the move and flanking different angles is the key to enjoyable airsoft games. Definitely try it out if you get the chance

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