What makes a sniper loadout good or bad for your playstyle?

Sniper loadouts can be summarized in two categories:

Assault Snipers and Ghillie Snipers.

Both of them are incredibly effective when done right. To make sure you actually nail the role you have chosen, you need the perfect loadout that supports your playstyle.

A Good Base that works for Both Roles

Before we take a closer look at these roles, we need to talk about the carrying system which will fit both of them. From our experience, the best carrying system for airsoft is usually a combat belt coupled with a harness. Especially the improved Battlebelt we offer on our website, which has many features, such as an internal velcro belt and laser cut molle panels, will make a great basis for your unique loadout. Together with a harness, it will make sure it stays where it is supposed to be. No more wobbling during running.

The Classic Ghillie Sniper

Let’s start with the classic ghillie sniper. You need to stay hidden and quiet. Make the right movement at the right time. One small mistake and you get spotted and showered with BBs. This is where the 3D Ghillie suit becomes an essential part of your loadout. Compared to conventional ghillie suits, which are not suited for airsoft anyways, the 3D Ghillie Suit is lightweight, breathable and easy to put on. Combined with the right vegetation you either find on your field or buy on our website, it can make you incredibly hard to spot. Do not forget the 3D Ghillie Boonie Hat, which breaks the easily recognizable outline of a person’s head. So if you think you got what it takes to be a ghillie sniper, go for it.

The Aggressive Assault Sniper

On the other hand, we have the assault sniper. While sacrificing extreme stealthiness, this loadout focuses on efficiency and speed. This setup usually runs more pistol magazines, as the assault sniper often rushes to new positions with a sidearm. Our Battlebelt offers more than enough space for this. You can easily fit all sorts of magazines and pouches on there. A ghillie sniper will simply not use grenades and pistols that much when he actually plays his role correctly. An assault sniper on the other hand will need to use his sidearm and grenades very often. This is the main difference between these two roles.

What is the best for you?

In conclusion, we prefer the assault sniper role, due to the mostly urban fields we play on. But in the forest, we usually switch to the ghillie sniper role for extra stealthiness. So, if you made up your mind on whether you want to be the sneaky or aggressive type, go to our shop and build your own loadout with the knowledge you just gained.

Here’s a quick summary, of how the loadout would look for each role. You can also check our Loadout Tips.

Assault Sniper:

– Battlebelt Gen2
– Harness Gen2
– Velcro Belt
– Sniper Mag Pouch
– Open top pistol pouch
– Universal Pouch
– Meshmask
– Boonie
More pistol magazines compared to the ghillie sniper

Ghillie Sniper:

– Battlebelt Gen2
– Harness Gen2
– Velcro Belt
– Sniper Mag Pouch
– Open top pistol pouch
– Universal Pouch
– 3D Ghillie Boonie Gen 2
– 3D Ghillie Suit Gen 2
– Leaves

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