How To Choose The Correct BB Weight

In this blog, you will learn how to choose the optimal BB weight for your specific gun. If you just need to check on the FPS chart, click here.

You have your airsoft replica ready for some action when you suddenly realize: “Oh, I might just need some ammunition to shoot, right?” You open up a website, search for airsoft BBs and end up on a product page with a bunch of same looking bags of airsoft pellets. Only difference? Weight… And there is a whole scale to it, ranging from 0.20 grams all the way up to 0.49 grams. Which one should I pick to get the most out of my gun? What should I consider?

Looking for a quick answer without any scientific explanation? Jump straight to the bottom of this page to find the best BB weight for your gun!

Before digging into which BB weight is more efficient, it is worth mentioning that many airsoft fields limit BB weights. This is especially true for airsoft snipers so if you are one of them, make sure to check your local field’s rule on max BB weight.

Having checked that, let’s get into the interesting stuff – which weight to choose for your airsoft replica. Unfortunately, the answer is not that straightforward. There is usually a small range of BB weights that you might consider optimal. When choosing, there are essentially two options:

1. Lighter BBs: these are generally great for CQB and close engagements as they offer higher muzzle velocity. Such pellets may not fly as far and be as accurate at long distances. At short distances, however, the increased muzzle velocity allows you to hit your targets faster. That might come in handy, especially in urban playing fields where the enemy pops out just for a split second or less. Lighter BBs are also a bit cheaper.

2. Heavier BBs: these are a must for airsoft snipers. Heavier BBs, although taking more time to get to your target, are the key to long-range accuracy. Despite slower muzzle speeds, these BBs are more stable during their flight and lose their energy slower. If you are into long-range engagements, this should be your pick.

Knowing the basic principles, you now know what to consider while choosing. To get the specific weight, you should have an idea of how powerful your airsoft replica is. Power can be given in Joules of muzzle energy (usually a number between 0.5 and 5 Joules in airsoft) or in FPS, measured with 0.2 gram BBs. To determine muzzle energy, you can either use a chronometer – almost every field and shop has one – or for most guns, you can also find it online in your product’s description.

Having the information on how powerful your replica is, you can refer to this chart:

0,25g for 230-330 fps (0,5 – 1,0 Joules) – such as the SSE18 AEP
0,28g for 330-400 fps (1,0 – 1,5 Joules)
0,30g for 360-400 fps (1,2 – 1,5 Joules)
0,32g for 360-400 fps (1,2 – 1,5 Joules) – GBBs & AEGs- SSP18, SSP1, SSR15
0,36g for 400-470 fps (1,5 – 2,0 Joules) – best for the NBB SSX23 pistol
0,40g for 430-520 fps (1,7 – 2,5 Joules)
0,43g for 450-520 fps (1,9 – 2,5 Joules)
0,46g for 490-700 fps (2,2 – 4,5 Joules) – used by snipers: SSG10, SSG96, SSX303
0,49g for 520-700 fps (2,5 – 4,5 Joules)

For example, you own a NOVRITSCH SSR4 AEG that has muzzle energy between 1,4 and 1,6 Joules. That means you can use any BB weight between 0.28 and 0.36, depending on your preference. In this case, we prefer to use 0.28g BBs due to the better energy-to-FPS ratio.

As you can see, it is not that easy to choose the best BBs. That’s why when it comes to NOVRITSCH guns, you don’t need to search for long, since we have all recommended BB weights listed on every product page

IMPORTANT: When choosing to play with heavier BBs, your gun may be affected by an effect called the Joule Creep. This effect causes your replica to Chrono higher muzzle energy with heavier BBs due to a bit more effective air usage. If you want to learn more about Joule Creep, watch the “How to Chrono” video in our academy.

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