DIY: Make a cheap indoor home shooting range!

With airsoft, you can easily shoot indoors. This makes it a perfect platform for indoor shooting training. So if you ever dreamt of your very own indoor shooting range, now is the time to make it happen!

🎖 Airsoft is great for indoor shooting ranges. We will show you how you can set up your range, easily and cheaply at home!


Find an optimal spot

If you were to create a real steel shooting range, this would’ve been the worst part of the entire process. But with airsoft, you can use literally any space that is large enough.

For basic static range, having at least 3 m long and 2 m wide space is recommended. However, if you can find a larger spot – a garage, for instance – it’s even better. With slightly larger spaces, you can implement more movement to the shooting drill.

📐 You will need a space at least 3 m long and 2 m wide. The more you can have, the better!

We know there’s not much DIY in this part. But we have to start somewhere…

Set up your targets

Now for the fun part – the targets! With all honesty, metal targets are by far the best since they give you the sound feedback to a hit. Don’t play around with any other materials for these; it’s not worth it.

Here you have 2 options: if you want the easy way, buy ready-to-use targets. It saves you quite some time and you won’t break these easily. This is a great example:

🎯 NOVRITSCH Target Poppers are a great target solution for indoors. We even tried to blow one up, and to our own surprise, nothing really happened to it (don’t try it at home, please). So we know it’s durable. Furthermore, it is made with the official IPSC target size in mind – meaning it adds an extra competitive feel to your shooting range. And frankly, it’s affordable.

👍 If you have the budget, get targets made for the range. It’s just easier…

Or, if you are on a tight budget, you can alternatively use a sheet of metal bought in a hobby market. We recommend drilling two holes into the top corners of these so that you can hang them on a line.

Lastly, if you have no budget, just buy a can of beer and cut the targets out of the aluminium can. Great for emergency targets but doesn’t last as long…

Place your targets

For this part, you will need two things: a thin rope and duct tape. Based on the space you have, you can either have the targets standing in some elevated position (old furniture pieces are perfect for this) or simply hang them.

In our opinion, hanging targets is the easiest and cleanest way to mount them. Take a few nails, use them as anchors for the rope and hang the targets on the rope. You can have 3 or 4 rope height levels even – this allows you to easily play around with target placement.

👕 Pro tip: always have a piece of fabric behind your targets. It helps you catch BBs and lowers the amount of BBs that get lost somewhere. An old sheet will work perfectly!

Create a barrier

Let’s face it: if you just were to stand in front of those targets, it would get boring pretty quick. For that reason, competition shooters often use barriers. For home purposes, this can easily just be a cardboard box with holes cut off into it. See our very humble design for reference:

To create this, just take a large box, and unfold it so that it becomes a 2D rectangular plate. Then get your cutter and duct tape combo ready.

There are 3 important things to creating such a barrier:

  1. Cut off one corner of the plate: then cut a few stair-shaped corners. This is great for training how to best peek from a cover in different heights.
  2. Duct tape the edges. This adds durability to your barrier
  3. Add some support: unfolded boxes aren’t great at standing on their own. If you have two pieces of wood laying around, tape or nail them to the box. It will make your life much easier…

🔫 That’s it! With a shooting position and targets set up, you can easily get to training hard…

How to practice shooting at home?

Practising with a shooting range like the one we described is then easy. Just fill your magazines and play around with different shooting and target positions. See how many hits you can get and how much you miss.

When you get more acquainted with the way the training goes, you can also add reloads to your drills, lay down on the ground, move from hole to hole, and shoot different targets. And ultimately, you can start tracking your time. That’s great because when friends come over, you can simply compete. There is no limit to your imagination!

🔫 A great competition pistol: by the way, for precise training, we just released the NOVRITSCH SSP5. In essence, it is a unique competition pistol with a ton of customizable available. So if you really want to make it the best, go check it out!

⏱️ Shooting timer: These timers are awesome for advanced training. They signal you when to start, they track your time and even recognize when you haven’t hit your target. With these, you can easily see your improvements. Plus, if you ever decide to take on a shooting competition, you will likely know what awaits you. So if you’re interested, google it!

That’s it! Good luck with your training, and see you in the field!

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