Starting Airsoft 5: What to do after your first game?

First game’s done, now it’s time to plan for another one. Or not? Well, there are two things we recommend focusing on.

We hope you enjoyed airsoft as much as we do when we go for a game. Not it’s a good time to think about your next steps. In general, there are two things to do: Connect with the community and decide on your own airsoft gear. Let us tackle both these points and check out the options!

Connecting with the community

If you don’t fancy reading, we’ve made a video covering this topic:

After your first game, it is often the right moment to evaluate the experience. Did you like it? How did you feel? If the feelings are overwhelmingly positive, then you should go for another game! And if you feel like you didn’t score enough kills, don’t worry. That is normal. You will get better with each time you play. 

To make the most out of airsoft in general, you should find new friends and people within the community. They will give you tips on what gear to get, they will guide you to different interesting places to play and you will generally find enough friends who share the same hobby.

Facebook groups are a great place to socialize. Besides common local groups, you can also check out our Novritsch Groups for gear owners and airsoft snipers. There’s a lot of useful information to help you get a head start.

On top of Facebook Groups, for many people, finding an airsoft team to play with is the gateway to making airsoft a long-term hobby. These teams attend games together, practice tactics and improve their shooting skills. And most importantly, they befriend each other real quick. Try googling airsoft teams in your location and see for yourself. By the way, some teams may even have team discounts in local airsoft shops.

Of course, not everyone likes to look up a team straight away. In most cases, if you keep going to a field, you will eventually end up connecting with someone who plays in a team or in a group.

In case you had no luck finding yourself a suitable team or taking on airsoft with a bunch of friends, you can also set up your own team. But that’s a bit beyond this series. 

💡 TIP: Plan your second game right after the first one!

Airsoft Gear: Should you keep renting?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just about connecting with the community. There is also the important question: Should you buy new gear or keep on renting? 

As this dilemma is quite important in our opinion, we made a brief video covering solely this topic:

The answer depends on what you can afford and how do you feel about the sport. If you are still unsure whether it’s the right fun for you, you might want to rent your gear once or twice more.

However, in general, for the price of 10 rentals, you can buy a brand new basic airsoft gear. So bear in mind that with each rent you take on, you are tossing away a tenth of the money you could’ve invested to buy your very own gear.

💡 Don’t asses this based on your airsoft skills. You will improve regardless! Go with your gut feeling.

If you decide to get your own gear and need a bit of inspiration, make sure to check the next chapter. There we break up some really cool setups for both beginners and advanced players.

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