5 Inexpensive Airsoft Accessories that you might not be using

If you’re into airsoft for quite some time, likely, you are always on the lookout for interesting airsoft stuff. Those little things make the game easier or more interesting for you. That is why we have prepared this list of inexpensive airsoft accessories that might help you in some way and are not seen with all the players.

1. The Gen2 Hitmarker

When hit, the majority of airsoft players would only raise their hand or take out a safety vest. While we don’t have to go into detail describing how annoying it is to get repeatedly hit, even the safety vest has some disadvantages. Most importantly, the vests take up quite some space in your trouser pocket.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for them to get “stolen” from you by some branch in the woods on your way to respawn. That is why we at Novritsch prefer to use the Deadrag. It is compact in size, can easily be attached to your gear and has a visible colour. For a few Euros, it is a must-have.

2. A Rubber Training Knife

This one is fairly simple. A knife made out of rubber. Non-lethal, easy to use, training device. One might suggest that you can always tell the person “you’re out” and the job is done. However, if you wish to step up the airsoft game, a knife takedown gives you extra satisfaction.

That is why we use those for quite some time now. Although almost any training knife will do the trick, the one we recommend has some extra features. Firstly, it is flexible. If in the heat of the battle you were to use a bit more strength for your stabs, this knife would not hurt anyone no matter how much you try. Secondly, the knife comes with a sheath, making it easily attachable to your gear. That shortens the time needed to take your knife out for that sweet elimination.

3. A Bubble Level

If you mostly go for long-range precise shots, you should not omit a bubble level from your gear. This little thing sits on your scope, telling you whether is your weapon tilted in any way. That is very important in regards to shot consistency.

When in a heated situation, a quick look at the bubble level is more than enough to check whether you are stable to take the shot. As we know, even a small deviation can influence where your shots land. And as the Bubble level is neither expensive nor heavy, there is no reason for an airsoft sniper to run without one. We suggest you check it out.

4. A Paracord bracelet

A paracord bracelet

Paracord is a well-known thing, not only among airsofters. This cord is extremely sturdy and allows for many uses. The fact that most people know it makes it a very interesting accessory to wear. It is great if you wish to show a bit of your personality outside airsoft fields. And if you should get bored by it, you can easily use it to decorate your airsoft gun. For instance, putting a paracord through an SSR-15’s handguard makes it even more comfortable to hold while looking very cool.

5. A LiPo bag

A LiPo Bag

While certainly not as cool as the other things on this list, a LiPo bag ticks the “not used by everyone” box. Furthermore, have you ever seen an average airsoft LiPo battery burn? If not, take a look, it’s quite a fire show. Fun to watch even.

LiPo Battery Fire

However, in real life, LiPo fire poses a real risk, especially with old batteries. If you are to minimize the risk, we recommend using a LiPo bag. Better safe than sorry. Safe is also cool.

That’s it for our list. We hope it inspired you to get something that not everyone has. Standing out is key in airsoft… 🙂

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