Starting Airsoft 1: Why Play Airsoft?

In the first part of our Starting Airsoft series where we’re going to cover not only why you should play airsoft, but also what makes airsoft exciting and how you can convince people to play airsoft (or to let you play). If you’d rather watch than read, we’ve summed up all the important knowledge inthe free video course. Here is a sample:

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a relatively new sport where you run around with replica guns and shoot your friends with small plastic BBs. It’s like playing a video game but in real life! It’s similar to paintball, but it’s a lot cheaper, isn’t messy, and doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much while also being more realistic.

Airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from pistols and SMGs, to ARs and sniper rifles. Most of them are electric, but you can also get gas and bolt action guns too

Just like in a video game where you can customise your character, in airsoft, you are your own character. You can use whatever rig you like, whatever guns you like, you can even change the type of ammo you use and add different accessories to your guns to match your playstyle perfectly.

If you want to be a sneaky sniper, grab your ghillie suit and silenced pistol and find the perfect hiding spot. Or grab your SWAT loadout so you’re ready to kick down the door and be the first one in.

What Makes Airsoft Exciting

Everything that happens during an airsoft game is exciting, no matter how you play. There’s nothing like the feeling when you’re camouflaged, laying on the ground and the enemies are passing literally meters away from you without noticing that you have them in your sights. Or when you make the perfect flank and have the drop on your enemy or when you throw the perfect grenade and eliminate an entire squad of opponents hiding inside of a room.

Airsoft is like no other sport when it comes to adrenaline and realism and you definitely get more out of it the more you put in. There are so many different play styles, load-outs and equipment for you to try and it never gets old. You will always be on the lookout for the newest guns and gear and constantly think about how to improve your setup and tactics for the next game.

Where Can You Play Airsoft?

There are airsoft sites and events across the world so there are always new places to go. Want to go to an abandoned island in the middle of Croatia to play airsoft during the day and chill on the beach in the evening? You can do that! How about a super-realistic military simulation taking place in a city’s subway? In the US they do this all the time. And we’re not even scratching the surface here… Check out our video gameplay to get a better feel for this:

What Are The Benefits of Airsoft?

Airsoft is also fantastic exercise (who doesn’t run faster when they’re being shot at?), surprisingly safe, competitive and of course, there’s a hugely supportive community behind it too. If you want, you can make your own team with a bunch of friends and share all these experiences together. There are more than enough airsoft players who will join you on your airsoft journeys.

There are also countless groups on Facebook dedicated to supporting airsoft and if you have any questions you’ll find plenty of people who are able to help. We even have our own to help you get started!

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